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Avoid or lose your money
March 14, 2021

I have bought 3 tickets for Arsenal-Watford game. Obviously because of the COVID-19 situation the gave is not going to be played at the same date. The "Criminals". (Ticketgum) send me a mail and offer me:

1 Tickets for the new date(unknown for now) or

2 Coupons

I refused both of the options as I was planning to go on this game with my son and my nephew. Both of them does not live in UK.

Thee criminals offer me 30% refund?!?! How stupid you have to be even to make this kind of offer?!?!

My advice is: Never, ever buy anything from them because if there is any issue you are going to lose your money!

Never buy from ticketgum again - Scam!
July 1, 2020

I'm not really a person that leaves negative reviews because I know how much it can harm a company, but this is my first. I had to post to save other people the trouble because this company is the worst I have dealt with.

Due to the pandemic, the Liverpool v Man City match was cancelled and I asked for a refund. Initially, I was told I will get no refund and can not get credit. After mentioning I will leave a negative review, they said they can offer full credit IF I sign an NDA where I don't leave a negative review.

Long story short, I contacted my bank to file a chargeback and I received a full refund. I urge everyone who is in the same situation as me to contact their bank and file for a chargeback. Don't let them offer you vouchers/slight refund as they can go bust any day and you will be left with nothing.

Do not buy from this website. If you look at the positive reviews, they are all fake. They are professional headshots taken from Shutterstock and hashed together with a review praising the site.

Please don't make the mistake I made. Yes the tickets are cheap, but the customer service is a joke when things go wrong. Give yourself the peace of mind and buy from a reputable seller.

It is a Scam!!
September 24, 2019
They sold me fake tickets to a Tottenham match; £400 for two tickets. I didn't make it in, showed the company the letter I got when I was denied access and they still refused to refund my money. You can't find any phone numbers or details to this business. They are corrupt thieves.