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Thermacell is a company which sells mobile, radiant devices meant to make people’s lives more comfortable, through insect repelling, as well as body heating and cooling.

Thermacell may be best known for their mosquito repellent lanterns and appliances, which wards off insects without the need to apply repellent to your skin. Instead, the devices use butane powered heat to activate the repellent.

The heat vaporizes the repellent within the device, and spreads it into the surrounding air. The website says that in just minutes, it will repel mosquitoes, black flies, and “no-see-ums,” within a 15 by 15 foot area.

Thermacell promises that their insect repellent products are safe and will cause no harm to humans or pets, and all their insect repellent devices use the same refills which can make their devices more cost effective in the long run.

This company also produces the Coolware personal cooling system, which is a device that fits around your neck and uses a patented evaporative system with a fan and water chamber.

The device pulls in through two different intakes, which moves over a saturated cloth in the water chamber, which cools the air. The air then chills the plates, which lie against the neck and provide an overall cooling sensation.

Finally, Thermacell also offers heated insoles, which you purchase and can insert into any pair of shoes or boots you already own, and are wireless, rechargeable, durable, remote controlled, and affordable.

The website says these foot warmers help make a wide variety of activities more comfortable by keeping your feet steadily at room temperature, and won't ever get as hot as disposable or chemical foot warming pads which can cause feet to sweat.

All Thermacell products are available at, as well as at major retailers like Walmart, BassPro Shop, Cabela’s, and many more.

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