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About Theraworx Relief

Leg cramps are something we all experienced in our lives. It’s painful and it doesn’t go away that fast. Theraworx Relief is a brand new product that aims to decrease the chances of leg cramps and give their users a life they deserve.


Theraworx offers numerous solutions for people who suffer from constant muscle cramps and spasms, as well as restless legs syndrome. However, these solutions come in different packs and represent the same product – Theraworx Relief.

Proven to be effective against muscle cramps and spasms, this product comes at 7.1oz packaging. This tiny bottle might seem modest, but its application can lead to some serious results. Aside from that, Theraworx offers their popular bundle that consists of 3 packs at a very affordable price.

To make things better, Theraworx Relief gets delivered to your doorstep in 3-6 business days.

How Does it Work?

So, how does Theraworx Relief work? It’s a spray that’s applied at the painful area. Thanks to the active ingredient magnesium sulfate, Theraworx Relief manages to relieve pain without any side effects. And since it’s a foam, the product is easy to anoint and you can do it on any painful body part. It can even help relieve pain in plantar fasciitis.

As for the foam itself, it has a very pleasant green-apple scent, making it quite pleasant to use.

Cost and Price Plans

Theraworx Relief is priced quite affordable. When buying a single bottle of this product, the price is fixed – $19.95. The company also offers another option and it's a bit cheaper. The well-known bundle consisting of 3 products costs around $54.85. At this price, you can get more value for your money.

While there isn’t any special price plan, Theraworx lets you choose the delivery frequency. Whether you opt for legs, feet or both, Relief recommends that you purchase 3 packs every 60 days. That being said, you get to use 3 packs around 2 months, which is still very cheap. It’s around $27 per month.

Customer Service

This company is known to have some of the best customer service out there. You can contact customer service by email or call number. There is even an option to write a physical letter. When it comes to email, you can contact them at [email protected], or call 880-282-7353 if you any help urgently.

For those who aren’t interested in the methods above, the website offers a comprehensive FAQ section. Here, you can find everything from general questions to usage & safety and shipping questions.

Online Reviews/Complaints

But, what do online reviews say? And are there some complaints? Well, the average rating of 4.4 stars speaks for itself. Most users report that the product works well and is well worth the price.

On the other hand, some say that the product is good, but not worth the price. And of course, we have a minority of users who say that product is either not that effective or simply isn’t effective at all. Looking at Amazon reviews, Theraworx has slightly less favorable reviews.

To make things more interesting, Amazon reviews indicate that Theraworx Relief indeed isn’t effective for some users. However, favorable reviews greatly outgrow less favorable ones.

Competitors and Alternatives

The competition is pretty fierce here. Alternatives-wise, we have an amazing product from Hyland’s. This company offers an amazing leg cramp ointment, but also various products for allergies, digestion problems, first aid, eat treatments, pain relievers, etc. Combining some of these with the aforementioned one can bring a lot of good results.

MagniLife is another company with an amazing muscle cramp reliever. However, this one comes in a form of dissolving tablets and aims to reduce muscle stiffness, cramping, and pain.

Finally, we have a muscle cramp relief from CRAMP911. This one comes in a tiny 21-ml bottle, yet packs a severe punch. The cost is quite similar to Theraworx Relief.

Where to Buy?

If you’re keen on ordering this product, you can do it via Theraworx Relief website. Unfortunately, there isn’t any physical store that you can go to, and this is the only option. Luckily, the company prides itself on fast shipping times and shipping is very cheap.


Leg cramps and spasms can be very dangerous and sometimes debilitation. This product will, in most cases, decrease the frequency of these conditions and after prolonged use, the pain disappears completely. With its amazing value for the price and easy application, Theraworx Relief offers great value for the price.

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