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About TheraSnore

TheraSnore, found online at, is a device originally created in 1987 and is designed to either significantly decrease or even eliminate both snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The TheraSnore website says that their anti-snoring device is a trusted product which is both clinically proven and medically approved, as well as used by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for over 10 years.

According to the site, snoring usually occurs when the bottom jaw and tongue fall back and the soft tissue blocks the airway at the back of the throat. This narrowing forces the breathing to vibrate this tissue, which is what we call snoring.

TheraSnore prevents the lower teeth and jaw from falling back, which prevents snoring and can help improve sleep apnea. The website says that 98% of users and their partners report dramatic improvement or elimination of snoring.

To use this device, you must heat the soft, moldable plastic apparatus and then fit it to your upper and lower teeth, which only takes a few minutes. For first time users, the website offers both a video and written fitting instructions so you will be sure to do it appropriately.

Other similar anti-snoring devices hold the jaw in a single, fixed position, but the TheraSnore gives you more freedom of movement. There are 5 different settings which are intended to allow anyone to sleep comfortably without snoring.

The first night you use your device, you’ll try it in the first position and then adjust it until you find the position that you are most comfortable with. This device comes with a one year warranty and lasts 2 years on average – users should clean it with OrthoFresh every morning to keep it bacteria free.

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Therasnore fitting

April 25, 2014

The instructions for this product are non sensical as they make no sense. i just spoke with a member of staff at the UKL distributor and she admitted that they;re wrong. As for the detailed instruction on how to connect the 2 parts of the product together - utter trite. You'd need at least 2 pairs of hands. i suggest you don't buy this product. I surmise that the reviews must be written by staff.

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