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TheFreeCar, found online at, is a service which promises that their users can either drive a brand new car for free, or get paid every month to drive the car they already own to places they already go.

Their website says there is no catch or hidden fees to this offer. Companies are interested in having people drive cars which are decorated with company messages, slogans, or imagery.

TheFreeCar is not a provider of these cars or services. Rather, they allow you to fill out a single application for a large number of sponsor companies who are interested in local drivers.

This service then maintains your application for companies to view whenever they need a new driver. There is no standard time frame for when this occurs, so TheFreeCar cannot give you a time for when you may hear from someone.

To be eligible for this deal you must be over 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and be a citizen. And selection will be based on the quality of your driving record and habits, your residential location, and more.

These arrangements usually require that you drive a minimum mileage and a clean driving record, which means that you have had no traffic violations within the past 12 months.

Applicants who are given a free company car must still pay for their own insurance and gas and can keep possession of the car for between two and five years, depending on the company’s needs. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose the model of car you will receive, though if you are offered a car which does not meet your needs for any reason you can refuse the offer.

Applicants who choose to use their own car will be paid on a monthly basis anywhere between $100 and $3,200 a month, depending on what the company needs and is offering.

You can submit your application to for a one time membership fee of $29.50, and they say there is no need to resubmit or update your application at any time. After you pay this one time fee, your application will always remain active and available to these sponsor companies.

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