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About is a website which gives people the ability to browse and share photos of their “cute kids,” as well as give parents an opportunity to find a place to launch their child’s acting or modeling career.

The website provides VIP Tips and Tricks on finding legit modeling agencies, where you can find modeling and acting opportunities, photo and audition tips, agency video tips, and much more. says that they have relationships with well known brand names, like Gerber Life and Crayola, and that these brand names consider them a trusted source for finding the faces their brand needs.

Parents are able to join the community at for completely free and upload their photos to themed galleries, like Halloween or Messy Face, videos, or live casting events.

The photos you upload are eligible for monthly contests. There are six monthly category winners who win $500, and an overall monthly winner who wins $1000. From all monthly winners, a yearly winner will be chosen.

The winner of the CuteKid of the Year Award will win a $25,000 Grand Prize, a college tuition fund, a “Big City Trip” and “Coast to Coast Stardom Tour,” the ability to meet with an agency, a modeling gig, the CuteKid Treasure Chest, and a Personal Promotional Website.

The website promises that their contests are safe, because all official contests are judged by talent scouts, casting agents, and other top industry professionals. They do also host voters’ choice contests, which are voted on by other members of community. Winners of all contests receives awards or either cash or assorted prizes.

Though professional photos are accepted by the website, the judges of the contest prefer that the photos submitted be amateur photography. If you do choose to use professional photos, however, you will be required to submit a written authorization by the photographer.

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