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About is a new type of career guidance website that focuses on helping you “hop” from one career to another with the help of other professionals and experts in your field.

The stated mission of is to enable individuals to achieve not just short term success through changing careers, but lifelong success through the provision of goal setting tools, information, and beneficial guidance.

In order to get started with, simply create your profile and set your goal. Then, use their online forum to swap career advice with other members and track the progression of your goal from start to finish, all the while receiving encouragement and support from the community.

Employers and people with expertise in particular technological areas participate in the online forums at, so you post questions about how to achieve your goals in certain fields and be confident that you’ll get replies that will truly help you.

And for Career Hop members who are looking for even more than advice in a forum, can also match you with a Life Coach if you are interested. Someone who can give the help you need in creating a life plan, and then doing the work needed to fully execute that plan.

If you become a member of, they will never sell your personal information, but they may share it with their partners if they believe a partner company has something you may be interested in.

However, if you do decide to work with one of their partner companies, you must be sure to research them independently, as takes no responsibility for the policies of their partners.

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Couldn't find the job that was advertised

September2, 2013

I googled WAHM and found a few jobs on the right side of the website. They were google ad choices and I clicked on a proofreading job that was supposed to be on CareerHop. When I clicked on the proofreading it brought me to CareerHop but I could not find the job anywhere on the site. The careerhop site is very very confusing, not user friendly and it was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo verbage junk on the site. This site is a definite scam and no one should even try to get a job from this site.

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