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About The Tile App

TheTileApp works by locating items that have a Tile inside of, or affixed to, it. The art of multi-tasking has consumed our lives is now accompanied with the popular trend of misplacing our belongings.


TheTileApp works by Bluetooth GPS connectivity to a battery operated small square shaped waterproof tile. All tiles have a keyhole for placement on a set of keys, a double sided adhesive for items such as laptops or they can even simply be put into a purse or backpack. 



Tiles may be purchased online at Special deals are currently available for pre-orders. The pricing is as follows: 1 tile costs $18.95, 4 tiles cost $56.85, 8 tiles costs $113.70, or 12 tiles for $170.55. A shipping charge of $8 is applied to each shipment. In the future each tile will cost $25.00. 


Upon receiving the tiles you must first sync them to your Apple device. As long as you are within a 180 radius of the tile, you will then be able to view yourself moving toward the item or perhaps moving further away from it. Each tile has a built in speaker so you may also generate an audio alert if necessary.


If you are out of range, the” last place seen” feature will point you to the location of where it was last detected. Should another TileApp user be in range of your tile, it is detected through their app automatically and discreetly. The tile’s location will then appear on your map.


This function serves for lost or stolen items as well. By tagging an item as lost or stolen, other tile users, if in the vicinity of the item, will unknowingly be assisting you while trying to locate your item. Even people who do not purchase tiles, but choose to download TheTileApp, can take part in efforts to find items tagged as lost or stolen.


The low energy usage of these tiles means you never have to replace a battery. Each Tile lasts a year; at the end of the year you will be sent replacement tiles as well as an envelope to mail back your old ones for recycling. 


Currently TheTileApp is only available for individuals with Bluetooth 4.0 Apple products; these include the iPhone 4S, the iPad 3rd generation, the iPod Touch 5th generation. Online reviews submitted by Tile users show nothing but positive experiences had by all. The only complaint came from individuals who possessed an Android phone; this is because their phones are not equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connection capabilities.


Now you can finally leave the stress of losing items, and wasted time searching for your belongings, in the past; this device is a Holy Grail.

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Old tiles worked great. This set sucks
August 6, 2020

Twice in three days, the tiles have ceased working, telling me that my wallet and keys are "not in range." They are sitting on the table in front of me.

I went through a reboot routine three days ago and they reconnected. Now they don't. Which makes the Tiles useless.

I had a set for a whole year, which worked very well. But the battery died three months before it was supposed to.

I'll be looking for some other app to help keep my phone, wallet and keys "in range."

Tile Customer Service
May 7, 2019
There is no customer service. Their chat on line is a joke where they tell you your in queue and no one ever comes back to address your issue. Purchased two tiles and neither work due to new email address and no way to swap the tile to the new email address. DO NOT PURCHASE! WASTE OF MONEY!

Re-tile offer scam and Customer service is NON-existent!
April 3, 2019

I have used tile since the beginning and have tried to retile using their retile offer in the app. I decided to try the new Pro combo pack which was offered at $80 for the 4pack. I added a second 4 pack to the order, paid as usual but what I received were 2 of the regular 4packs with the reduced range. I tried to look for order history, customer service, ways to contact them. I finally tried the "help" button and "Contact customer service" but then it kept cycling me back to main help page so no way to get a phone number. The chat option only works on a computer not on the phone. Then I spent almost 2 hours online. They wanted me to buy more before they would issue the credit/refund label - when I told them I couldn't afford another charge until the credit was made. They already require you to pay for return packaging and postage when returning the order error. There is no online process to get a return label even.

They had me take photo with my phone and then get an email address from the chat line. After they confirmed receiving that they required more proof and had me take pictures of the boxes, made me open the boxes to "prove" that I got them, then made me take another picture of them out of their packaging slots for further proof and email that too. I asked if they could just de-activate the tiles they sent in error so I didn't need to spend money and more time mailing it all back. (Then more time to get a credit, them more time to reorder again and then more time to hopefully receive a corrected order. The person in the online chat said she couldn't do anything about fixing the order from her end.) After all that time and work doing their job then I was told they wouldn't issue the refund/return label!!! I call this NO customer service.

Just like other people have stated they blamed me for their problems.THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I had 34 tiles that I was re-purchasing each year but they now lost me as a customer - use their competitor and stop the scam!

Item never received - no customer service
December 13, 2018
Refund never issued for item that was never received. No contact numbers and canned email responses days afterwards.

Re-Tile discount offer is not genuine
July 20, 2018
The tiles themselves work OK but after you have had them for a year you will get several emails, direct from Tile, trying to get you to replace the tiles with new ones because the batteries will be exhausted. The emails will offer discounts, typically 28 -40% off the normal cost. THIS IS A SCAM. The discount does not bring the price down to the normal selling price available from the major web retailers (Amazon for example). I spent 45 minutes talking to a Tile rep on their chatline about the honesty of this and he eventually offered to refund the difference. I told him to keep his money as he missed the point - I was complaining about their false advertising. He did not try to defend the policy at all. Don't ReTile through the company - If you want to replace them just buy new Tiles online instead and save money

Kthryn April 03, 2019

Wish I had seen this before trying my re-tile offer. They wanted strung me along about giving me a credit and then didn't give it.

this is horrible
June 18, 2018

I received this as a gift

it never worked

only needed to try it twice

absolutely useless

Poor Customer Service
February 3, 2018
Purchased a set Tiles for my husband as a Christmas gift. When I decided to return for a refund due to his disappointment it took multiple attempts to start the refund process. Now weeks later nothing! Blamed me for not following instructions which I did exact step by step. Money lost.

Planned obsolescence at its finest! Don't buy in...
December 19, 2017
Really disappointed in the battery not being replaceable, which I discovered after buying. I don't want to be forced into an expensive subscription program! Will try to return...

Jayson E February 25, 2018

Completely agree... they go so far as to disable your tiles's functionality before the battery dies when you pass your one year replacement date...

One year?!?!?!
December 8, 2017

It’s a sneaky way to get subscriptions.

Battery replacement is all they need but they want more and more money.

They have spent all the money they made advertising and making fancier ones but they don’t work better.

Money wasted.

Going to try a competitor.

I should NOT have to buy another one unless it gets lost and battery dies or I throw it over a bridge where there are crocodiles.

Horrible customer service
November 24, 2017

Received two separate emails, Nov 18th, and Nov 22nd verifying my order “had been placed” card has been charged.

They say they will process, ship, and provide tracking number within 1 day of order processing (will not charge your CC until order is processed), yet I have no email from them stating order has been shipped.

When I use their link to find my order status, it repeatedly redirects you to renter your information.

They do not respond to emails sent to their contact address

Tile customer service ignored me
October 14, 2017
I bought a set of tiles hoping that I would be able to find my phone, keys, wallet if I lost them. Today I lost my phone. When I manually found my phone 30 minutes later, I checked to see if blue tooth was on and the app was running in the back ground. and location was turned on. It was. I contacted Tile to get some help and Alexis told me what I already knew. When I asked for a refund, she stopped responding. Terrible product and the support is not much better.

Helps Find things --------- until it doesn't
October 4, 2017

So far The Tile has worked to located items in our home - However, I had to re-upload the app to my new phone and while reviewing the documentation - I find the battery is guaranteed to work ONE YEAR - no battery replacement available and you have to RE-PURCHASE tiles "at a discounted price" - WHAT? Oh hell no! - I paid over $80 for my tiles and I am feeling completely misled and ripped off! - So basically this is a SUBSCRIPTION device...

When my batteries die - I am opting for one of the many other competitive devices on the market - RUN DON'T WALK!

Jamie S November 21, 2017

Agreed. I feel scammed. It was not at all made clear that the device had a lifespan of only a single year and then had to be repurchased. Who would buy that? These things are not cheap! The "discounted price" in the Re-Tile program is a joke- still $55 to replace the 4-pack I bought just a year ago. RIPOFF

WARNING: "Tile" only lasts one year from the time of activation!
December 5, 2016

WARNING: "guaranteed to last for one year" is the Tile Company's way of saying it will STOP WORKING after one year, and you will have to BUY a new product!

When "Tile" advertised the Tile product last year, I bought 12 tiles. They never mentioned that the product would expire! They turned off my product and expect me to buy the product AGAIN because they "Expire"!

I chatted with the online help person:

Customer Support [email protected]: "I am sorry that you haven't seen the information that your Tile is guaranteed to last for a year. It is indicated on our website."

My Response: "Sure, my Lawn Mower is guaranteed to last one year as well; but I kind of expect it to continue working! Guaranteed to work for one year" does not imply that they will most likely fail in one year."

Great app
November 7, 2016
works as advertised. great job.

T-Jay C October 14, 2017

Yeah... Not!!!

boon or conn
November 7, 2016

I helped with their kickstarter. Been meaning to buy the tiles, never had the time and money, but now that I have kids brought in from my gf the need to ping my consistently disappearing keys is a must!

I took advantage of their newest offer. The website crashed, not giving me a confirmation page and caused problems in my paypal. After getting thing straightened out I was given an order notification. "Shipping" took weeks.

Their site says most orders ship within 24 hours. It took 3 weeks to get a shipping confirmation and tracking. The tracking number I received was a dud. I have waited 2 weeks to see if it came through (the number activated or a package arrived) but nothing so far.

I have 4 weeks to go before paypal does not honor reversal. I have it set on my calendar as a reminder to refund it and walk away. We'll see what happens

PeterParker November 07, 2016

and the whole time I wait I continue to receive their promotional offers "buy now, free shipping"

October 24, 2016

I spent 94 dollars to buy a set of tiles. While awaiting their arrival, I checked the reviews and had regrets. Then I found some positive comments, so I did not cancel my order.

I have had the tiles for a few days now and I can tell you that they are absolutely worthless to use for tracking stolen items. I can see where they might work in a totally cluttered home, where you might lose things. The range is only about 100 ft and when you push find, it activates a sound on the tile, revealing its location. It does not show you where it is on a map. I should have known that what they advertised is too good to be true for the price. I feel like a sucker.

NO refund...Won't return email
July 29, 2016
Trie to purchase tile online but when order completed, there were items on the invoice that I didn't want. Chated with support and they said the order would have to be cancelled and resubmitted. Credit card would be refunded. Three weeks later, no refund. No chat after order placed, just a promise to email you back. Have now contacted credit card for fraud investigation.

December 13, 2015
Almost 3 years ago, I invested in tiles with Kickstarter, still no tiles- ummmm- 17 emails with customer service (can you call it that?) and oh yea they'll be right there!! Still no tiles, maybe they are having difficulty tracking them down and need to invent something that can help find these things? These guys should be capital M. Barrassed, but they're not- onto the next scam....I wish I didn't have to give 1 star.

October 27, 2015

I'll quote Chris:

Hands down worst purchase I've made in my adult life.

Yes, also the worst purchase of my adult life.

There's several items using 1970's technology that find keys etc better than this POS.


Works on my S5 just fine
June 8, 2015

I purchased a set of 4 tiles and so far have only set up 2 of them. I have a Galaxy S5 and the app works perfectly. I even got a notification that the app had turned itself off and when/if I needed to use the app to locate a tile I would have to turn the back on first.

So, I don't see how the app is going to still be running in the background if it isn't active until I need it.

So it DOES work with certain Android devices.

I am very pleased

T-Jay C October 14, 2017

Really, you must be in a parallel universe, or on the Tile payroll. It does not work at that way at all. A tile in 10 days is 7 days too long for a small object like that. Try and leave your home with it. When you lose it, there will be no support.

BUbba g December 13, 2015

You must be real, real close with these guys- or you are one of these guys.

Darrelyn D June 08, 2015

Oh......and my order came in less than 10 business days.