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Many well-known financial giants, such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon and the like, have started off like penny stocks. Those who were in-the-know and invested in them at the right time have come upon a great profit.

However, they are not exceptions to the rules of investing. Rather, their economic sore is a rule – penny stocks surge in value all the time and if you know in which of them and when to invest, you might be looking at a seven-digit gain.

You might be asking yourself:

How do I find out these essential pieces of information?

Well, you are not the only one with this question. Fortunately, Greg Guenthner, the Chief Trading Expert at Agora Financial in Baltimore, MD and his colleague, Jonas Elmerraji, a computer prodigy highly thought of in the Silicon Valley, have asked and already answered it.

Now, they are offering the answers online in a newsletter form to anyone who wants to subscribe to it for quite a small annual fee.


The mentioned newsletter is a medium for presenting you with a whole program of advice and support for new investors – named The Seven Figure Formula. This relies on a computer program called Factor 148, which was developed by Elmerraji.

This program looks for patterns in the trading development of penny stocks and thus, predicts which of them should soon surge in value. What’s more, you will receive at least one of these suggestions per month.

So, you will be well informed and continuously receive an influx of relevant data on stock development. Once you choose where to invest and finally do it, expect at least 100% income, but it may go as high as 600%.

However, what the subscription includes isn’t only the info which Factor 148 reveals, but a wide range of helpful features as well.

Firstly, once you subscribe, you instantly receive via email a couple of Agora publications, which should introduce you to the world of investing and help you find your place in it.

Additionally, you will have access to different online seminars and lectures, which should widen your knowledge on the subject as well as the business environment of which you are becoming a part of.

How Does It Work?

The first step of your path towards wealth is subscribing to the newsletter. You will, as already mentioned, receive monthly reports with suggested penny stocks that Factor 148 sees as prospective boomers.

Theoretically, your initial investment will come back at least 100% bigger. Then, you might invest this new income over and over into other starting companies. As a result, you will be able to earn a seven-figure amount.

Cost and Price Plans

The subscription is paid annually and costs only $49, which seems more than fair, considering the kind of info you receive each month. In addition to the newsletter, you get free access to the many other abovementioned relevant sources.

Customer Service

On top of the quite low price of the subscription, there is a complete refund policy in case you don’t like something about it, or if you don’t make some money. The refund will be delivered in the form of the payment.

Moreover, if you receive your own company as an investment suggestion, you will get another year of subscription for free. The only thing you need to do in order to solve any of your issues and doubts is to get in touch with the customer support team of Agora Financial.

One way to do this is to call them on the phone number 1-800-708-1020. Another is to reach out online via email [email protected], or on the contact page of their website.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The plus sides of this investment guidance program are recognized by the online community. That said, the most appreciated feature is the understandable language that the authors use when presenting you with the professional data.

Another top trait is the fact that you are able to invest as little as $50 and still earn nicely. Additional satisfying qualities include regular updates with at least one investment suggestion.

Moreover, they have an expert support team who makes sure that you are informed about all the risks of investing. However, there are less regarded elements as well.

For one thing, there are always risks included in every stock investment and the theoretically achievable seven-figure income isn’t necessarily realizable.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Factor 148 computer program is a high-precision proprietary software, so there are no real competitors on the market. The only potential alternatives are websites that offer similar information.

However, these sites don’t have the precision of the Factor and the benefit of delivering the data to your inbox. That said, the most popular ones are Benzinga, which updates the data daily. Investopedia updates monthly, while AwesomePennyStocks is a bit irregularly updated

Where to Buy?

The only way to subscribe is online, through the program presentation page: SevenFigureNewsletter. Once you’ve read what the authors have to say about the offer and scroll down to the end of the page, you will find the subscription link.

Clicking on it will lead you to the order page, where you will be able to review and then confirm your order.


Although the promoted seven figure short-term income isn’t guaranteed 100% – and that is quite a fair disclaimer by the project’s founders – the possibility of a gain that is a bit lower is more than realizable.

Also, the precision of this unique, state-of-the art software is unbeatable and the sources which you will gain access to are designed for easy understanding and usage.

So, if you are serious about trying penny stock investing but not really familiar with the stock market functioning, this newsletter program might be a smart initial investment before you do any further investing.

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