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About The Savory Butcher

If you are the person in your household who is responsible for buying groceries, you’re likely aware of how much the price of high-quality meat can raise your grocery bill each week. Unfortunately, unless you plan on going vegetarian, this isn’t an expense you’re going to be able to cut any time soon.

While there are plenty of online bulk meat retailers to choose from, many are expensive and don’t provide a good alternative to buying meat in stores. Enter The Savory Butcher, the new brand that is revolutionizing the way we think about buying meat for our families.

What is The Savory Butcher?

If you like the idea of buying meat from a trusted source, be it the farm down the road or from a certified organic organization, The Savory Butcher is the company you should be researching. This company is essentially a food cooperative on wheels, partnering with various farms across the country to purchase cuts of meat in bulk.

Because they purchase these cuts in bulk, they can get high quality for low prices. All meats are from American farms with strict guidelines for processing and production. You can get everything from chicken breasts to grass fed beef with The Savory Butcher, with dozens of cuts available for each type of meat, too.

While you will need to buy in bulk (think 40 pounds or more), this is a great buy and an intriguing option to pursue if you have lots of freezer space. Even if you’re lacking in that department, inquiring a bit more into The Savory Butcher might be worth it, as you can easily split a box with other people.

Still not convinced? The Savory Butcher offers sample boxes so that you can try them out for size before committing to the full price. The Savory Butcher sends out their meat via truck shipping. Therefore, a certain percentage of the truck must be filled in order to schedule a delivery. When you order, you place a $10 deposit to hold your spot, but you don’t pay the rest until your meat has been scheduled for delivery (about one to two weeks before it arrives).

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of The Savory Butcher’s products will vary depending on what exactly you want. The prices may also change based on availability and the time of year, as the farm’s inventory will change.

In general, you can expect to pay about $3.29 per pound for ground beef, and $2.19 per pound for chicken breasts. Bacon will cost around $4.19 per pound. Of course, you will be purchasing this in bulk, so it’s important to take the higher prices into consideration when you're making your purchasing decision. For example, when you buy most meats, you will be required to buy at least 40 pounds.

Another consideration to factor in is that you will need to travel in order to meet the truck. In most cases, you will need to meet the truck about fifteen or twenty minutes away from where you live (although this of course varies, depending on your proximity to the closest shipping center).

When you get home, you will also need to prep the meats for the freezer. These items do not come ready for the freezer, so you will need to cut and freeze them on your own.

Customer Service

It’s not tough to get ahold of customer service at The Savory Butcher. In addition to a popular FAQ page on their website, which addresses questions such as what to do if you receive an underweight package of meat, you can also contact their representatives directly. You can call them at 801-718-944 or submit an email contact form. You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter for regular updates and coupon offers.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Savory Butcher is viewed as one of the best alternatives to Zaycon Fresh, a bulk meats delivery service that had pretty much dominated the marketplace until it closed its doors in 2018.

There are several other competitors on the market. Azure is one such company, offering produce, boxed staples, dairy products, meats and more. They are somewhat pricier, but they do offer regular sales and coupons. Butcher Box is another popular alternative, offering meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers appreciate the diversity of choices that they have when they decide to shop through The Savory Butcher. From fresh trimmed chicken breasts to hardwood smoked bacon, this company offers it all. You can even get smoked ham or NY strip! The options are endless.

Ordering is simple. You can order about a month before pickup, and the checkout process is a cinch. All you do is select your meats and your pickup location, and pay your $10 deposit. The rest of the payment come about two weeks before your delivery date.

The meat is high quality, possessing god flavor and the ability to freeze and store easily. Best yet, pricing is affordable, coming in at about fifty percent less than the grocery store and up to eighty percent less than other home delivery services.

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, you can only purchase meat from The Savory Butcher in a few spots around the country. It is currently available in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. That being said, they are looking to expand, so if you don’t live in one of these states, all you need to do is go online and enter your information so that you are notified once they move into your area.

Is The Savory Butcher Worth It?

If you’re looking for American-produced meats from responsible farmers (Smithfield, Wayne Farms, and National Beef are the partnering farms), you should consider The Savory Butcher. Not only can you save some serious money by buying your meat in bulk, but you’ll also be purchasing meat that meets the highest ethical and consumer-based standards.


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Shorted weight on order

August 11, 2020

Through my daughter we ordered 16 pounds of pork loin from SAVORY BUTCHER. After paying $78.94, but before delivery they messaged that the order was reduced to 13 pounds and we would receive a credit on our charge card for the 3 pounds difference. We received a credit for $14.82
Our package pick-up had a net weight of 13.0 pounds printed on the label for 6 pork loin packages sealed in plastic wrap. We weighed the 6 packages after opening the box. The entire weight was 12.33 pounds or 12 pounds 5.35 ounces -- short 10.65 ounces. Our kitchen scale is very accurate and I tested it by weighing a cup and pint of water. It came within a few grams of the scientific weight.
When my daughter notified Savory Butcher of the discrepancy asking for an adjustment they messaged back:
"The box states it is thirteen pounds and we go by what the box states. The weigh system at the processing company is state approved for weighing out of the line. Your refund [for the 3 pounds] is $14.80 back to your credit card."
The box may have weighed 13 pounds but the net weight was short. Someone is skimming the price. Be careful of getting your fair cost. Make sure you are not paying for packaging. A cardboard box the meat came in would weigh about 10 ounces. Another point isn't it odd that the new weight was exactly 13.0 lbs. How often do you buy meat that with that exact of weight? Beware of scams. Rick Epting

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