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Agora Financial offers The Rich Life Income Bible as an economic prospect to every American household. Agora Financial, a subsidiary of Agora Inc., is known for their remarkably accurate economic forecasts and financial publications since 1979.

In 1994, Agora Inc. relocated and settled in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland. Dedicated to the breakthrough of ideas and innovations for economic stability, Agora Financial is a reliable and sought-after source of potential information just waiting to burst.


As mentioned briefly, the product that is offered is The Rich Life Income Bible by Pete Coyne. This is a hardcopy book packed with 316 financial secrets that will help give you a better, more prosperous life.

The book features over five hundred pages of easy to understand, smart income tips and strategies that will boost your net worth. It is for any person looking to lead a stable life, or even a luxurious one without having to break their backs doing so.

However, the Income Bible is not the only product you will receive. Expect the hardcopy to arrive within days while three bonus reports (and a pdf of the Income Bible) will be instantly available to download once shipping and handling is paid.

The three reports are: “Sign Up for Blockchain Dividends,” “Bank on a Legal ‘Pot Pension’” and "Earn $597 - $6,189 for Life from ‘American Eagle Checks."

Another added bonus is a free 30-day trial of The Rich Life Letter. This is a monthly newsletter with all the current methods to increase your income so you won’t miss a thing on the new ways to make money. After the 30-day period, the monthly subscription will cost you an annual fee.

Not only that, but you will also be automatically subscribed to their daily e-letters, which are “The 5 Min. Forecast,” “The Daily Reckoning,” “America Uncensored” and “The Daily Proof.”

Cost and Price Plans

The Income Bible is being given away for free, with only shipping and handling cost at $4.95 dollars. This is quite a bargain, as all of these combined should supposedly cost around $200.

The three bonus reports previously mentioned are also included in that same price, along with the free trial.

After the free 30 days are over, you will be automatically charged $99 each year for your monthly subscription to the Rich Life Letter. This subscription can be cancelled easily with a phone call if desired.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives are always at hand to help you with any questions, comments, or doubts. That said, you should check out the Help Section first to see if your question is listed already. Doing so can save you the trouble of calling or contacting them.

If you still have questions or need to personally talk to a representative, you may contact the company via telephone or email. Their contact form can be filled at and you may expect a response within 48 business hours.

However, there are also other ways to contact them besides sending a message through the contact form. You may call them via telephone on 1-800-708-1020 or send them an email at [email protected] if you have any feedbacks and the like.

With regards to cancellation, you are able to do so whenever you want to, as mentioned. However, you have to make sure that you don’t call them on a major holiday, as the company states that they will be closed during those days.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most online reviews about the Rich Life Letter are positive, especially since the newsletter does deliver decent advice that may help you financially. However, the sales pitch is what reviewers disagree on, which they consider to be lies or exaggerations.

Other than that, it is deemed a handy tool that can be used to stabilize your income or produce other revenues of income.

Competitors and Alternatives

Thanks to the availability of the internet, there are hundreds of investment tips, strategies and newsletters that can help start you on the road to financial freedom.

Other competitors similar to The Rich Life Letter include Sound Advice Investment, Investment Newsletter from Financial Mentor and the Prudent Speculator.

All of these three alternatives offer weekly or monthly subscriptions to newsletters that also promise riches or useful tips at the very least.

It is important to consider the guarantees as well as the price and look for certified reviews before choosing the best option for you.

Where to Buy?

To claim your bundle of the Rich Life Letter and the Income Bible, visit either this link or this link. Remember that this package or product is not available in stores or other retail websites; it must be ordered directly from the Agora Financial website.


Everyone desires to be rich without having to work too hard. It will be a dream come true for almost every human to obtain riches with little effort and with only reading a book or a newsletter. However, we all know that good things have the tendency of needing effort.

The bundle is cost effective and may help you gain more financial freedom, but it should not be bought as a “miracle” to your money problems. Working towards your dreams requires exactly that - work.

Economic tips from professionals can help you organize your own financial investment plan. However, at the end, the work and effort must be supplied by you in order to make any tip, strategy, or plan pan out.

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