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The People’s Chemist, found online at, is a website created by Shane Ellison for people who want to “stop wasting time with alternative medicine cranks and pill pushing doctors.”

The website says that Shane Ellison has multiple scientific degrees, including those in Biology and Organic Chemistry, which gave him the necessary background to move into the health services as a medicinal chemist.

His years spent working at various pharmaceutical companies gave him the background he needed to become “The People’s Chemist,” a consumer health advocate who has decided to dedicate his life to providing people with natural remedies that really work and can’t be found in your average health food store.

His website promises that his creations integrate the latest advances in chemistry, biology, and natural product research to provide you with the absolute best medicine that Mother Nature has to offer, providing health solutions that in some cases can make you feel better “within minutes.”

The online store of offers nutritional supplements which use ingredients that are raw, gluten free, organic, non-GMO, and also contain no soy or excipients.

Their supplements include Cardio FX, which controls your blood pressure, reduces blood clots, and strengthens your heart, as well as the Daily Dose, a supplement which promotes energy, vitality, immunity, and longevity.

These are only two of the many nutritional supplements offered by this website, and they also offer their users a place to find and evaluate health information as well. The articles they offer range from topics like How to Choose the Best Probiotic to The Cure for Motion Sickness That Really Works, The Best Organic Deodorant, and much more.

You can also order his well known book, Over the Counter Natural Cures, which promises to help people take charge of their health within thirty days with ten all natural supplements.

If you have any experience with this website, book, or supplements, please leave The People’s Chemist reviews below.

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Like a Used Car Salesman...

February19, 2018

He claims to be objective by giving good, scientific support for supplementation, then makes false and misleading statements regarding other supplements for the sole purpose of selling his own brand. "I know that navigating the supplement section at your local hippie grocery store can be confusing. And if you choose the wrong products it can be deadly. It's a well known fact that most supplements have been contaminated!"

He loses credibility and displays his lack of integrity when he promotes his own brand in this way.

I own a small chain of health food stores. We have been in the industry for 45 years and have the largest selection of supplements in our state. We carry thousands of products that are pure and of excellent quality, from brands that are just as passionate about health as he claims to be.

The fact that people have gotten great results with his brand of supplements is a testament to the efficacy of supplements, not his brand, as he would have us believe. I personally wouldn't support anyone who has such a self-serving lack of integrity. It's no wonder that he gets so much "hate mail" as he says. But there are still people willing to support his business practice and ego, so on he goes. In my experience, people with his type of ego don't care about the truth so long as they get what they want.

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January 01, 2019

Anything sold for the most part anything sold in a vitamin store contains harmful other ingredients like magnesium sterate, this guy doesn't know what hes talking about. He also probably sells synthetic vitamins like folic acid and vitamin D , very bad for you

January 17, 2019

His product doesn't sell in the vitamin store LOL!

June 18, 2019

Shane offers his book and a PDF file called "The cheat Sheet." He describes his supplements but also shows many others that are not his and gives links to where to buy them. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to sell your own products.

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The People's Chemist: Pure Disappointment

June16, 2017

I am all for taking responsibility for my health, and I am in the habit of making careful choices in that regard. My husband and I tried several of their products over a significant period of time; while a couple of them had modest benefits, none was as miraculous as advertised, and all of them were quite expensive. Purchasing The People's Chemist products requires you to be a "fan" who apparently doesn't need or deserve precise ingredient information. As others have noted, dealing with customer service is a nightmare: incredibly incompetent, unprofessional, and hostile.

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August 04, 2017

I attempted to download the sugar cure but my name, which I've had for66 was not kosher for the websight. Harry Golata. E mail is [email protected]

October 25, 2017

i am having good results with the people's chemist 'Joint RX'. my last order showed the wrong delivery address. unable to correct it, unable to reach company by e mail, and no way to leave a phone message, may have to stop buying and taking helpful supplements due to difficulty reaching anyone at the company. there is no one to help resolve this order problem, i have to just sit and hope it all gets worked out by...? hey, people's chemist, can you say CUSTOMER SERVICE ? because i need some

January 01, 2019

If you're having problems with customer service that's one thing but these supplements are pure and are much better than anything you're gonna find online

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May2, 2017

I love his products. But I will never buy again from him. I ordered internationally, and my order never arrived. They then wanted to charge me again 80 USD for shipping my order, which I refused, as they clearly made an error. Now they dont want to refund me the money. For a high end product, this should not happen.

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People's Chemist A Wealth of Vital Information

June14, 2016

Warning: The majority of negative reviews found here were written by people unhappy with the customer service they received. Do not be taken in by these. My personal experience with The People's Chemist Customer Service was very positive. Eric not only pointed me in the right direction, but requested I check back with him to go over my recovery plan.

If you research the information found in Shane Ellison's books or his literature (most of which is free) you will find his information is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, a tiny group of unhappy and overzealous Internet trolls are trying to discredit science and are merely looking to gather a mob with torches and pitchforks so as to plant doubt in the minds of those looking for answers beyond their 15-minute doctor visit.

One or two people complained that Shane swears. Personally, I don't trust people offended by mere words. They're just words, so cut the bullshit and stop letting words control who you give credence to. If that's the case write a blank check to Joel Osteen and ask him to cure your high blood pressure.

My own experience with advice from The People's Chemist has been honest and extremely helpful. But then, I do read the work of other pharmacists, chemists, and health advocates. Do I purchase all of Shane's products? No. But he he never suggests you do. As a matter of fact, he suggests Walmart and Amazon for those with budget concerns. Some I purchase, some I buy from other sources, and some I prepare or grow myself. His informationative videos, blog posts, and free booklets have been a blessing.

I do not work for The People's Chemist and I do not know Shane Ellison. I'm a 55-year-old retired journalist who has spent a lifetime getting my facts straight. I am also the granddaughter of a pharmacist and an herbalist, and the daughter of a chemist and a journalist.

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April 13, 2017

I read their recently posted article today. I sent a comment to them complimenting the topic- 15 yr old daughter and hunger but I asked them to not use the 'F' word in the future because it demeans them an discounts their message. I got an email back saying, 'We don't give a F... so go unsubscribe.' I have the emails if you want me to forward them so you can see them for yourself. THIS IS NOT A PROFESSIONALLY RUN COMPANY AND IF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CONDUCTED LIKE A SCHOOL YARD RANT STAY AWAY. They cannot be trusted; they do not have integrity and I would not waste my time and money when there are plenty of other places to buy waht you want. STAY AWAY FROM THESE ANGRY LUNATICS.

April 13, 2017

Today I read an article about his 15 yr old daughter and weight. It was an interesting take on hunger causes. When he dropped the 'F' bomb in the article I was dismayed and wrote to them. I complimented the article and asked them not to degrade their writing by using morally repulsive words when they aren't needed! The article was respectable and that type of language detracts from it. They wrote back from Customer Service stating, and I quote, 'We don't give a F...k. Go unsubscribe.' If you care to see the actual email I will send it to you. It is clear these folks have inner wounds and are easily triggered and are not just unprofessional but unpredictable. I would steer clear of them, knowing there are so many competitors from which you can deal in the market place. ANY COMPANY THAT CURSES AT ITS CUSTOMER BASE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SUCCEED IN THE MARKETPLACE. What if you are dissatisfied with a product? Imagine how THAT would be responded to! If a polite suggestion to not use the F bomb is treated with hostility, I would be afraid to ask them for my money back lest i am stalked. Or worse. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

November 08, 2017

I have been takin the cinnamon 2 per day for 5 weeks no reduction in blood sugar levels. I dont believe it works at all.

June 11, 2019

"I'm a 55-year-old retired journalist who has spent a lifetime getting my facts straight. "

Surely you can proffer some citations, yes? Name ONE NEWS OUTLET for which you've worked.

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1 Review

What kind of person write an email like this

May10, 2016

If your product is so wonderful as you states why would you be afraid of FDA ?
Calling people stupid or an fken idoit shame on you and People Chemist !
If so Fken wonderful why worry about !!

This is a good lesson on how stupid people ruin
good things...

Hear me out.

I recently got an email saying, "My Serotonin FX
smells horrible. It's pungent and makes me fearful
of all your products. I've contacted my doctor...Am
wondering if I should contact FDA."

I understand the concern. Many people have been
shocked by the smell of my all-natural, deep sleep,
valerian product...But most aren't so f#$cking stupid
that they start reporting me for selling bad pills...

The intelligent among us dedicate a few minutes to
reading books, labels and blogs.

The odiferous aroma from Serotonin FX stems from
ultra-potent, volatile compounds that induce REM sleep.
This is a good thing because it rejuvenates and increases

That's what Serotonin FX is designed to do!!!!

Since it's the most potent product on the market,
it smells horrible!

...I'm talking nasty, like raw fish that's sat for days on the deck of
a boat in Florida.

That's a good thing!

Sadly, when complaints persist, I'm forced to halt sales!

Stop the stupidity.

Learn why Serotonin FX smells and how it shortens recovery time,
prevents depression and increases longevity at

Dare to live young,

The People's Chemist

P.S. If Serotonin FX goes off the market like so many other great products,
blame the nearest idiot. Stock up at, 3600 Cerrillos Dr. #714C-802, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507, United States

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July 27, 2017

This is not a review.

This is intentionally written marketing material designed to prompt more sales of the product, regardless of its effectiveness.

Note how the P.S. is trying to scare people into buying by triggering a scarcity mentality by threatening the loss of the product, but at the same time blaming on someone else "the nearest idiot".

Well done.

And nice try saying that stuff that is good for you tastes and smells bad.

Again, feeding off the old wives tale that medicine must taste bad to be good for you.

Fresh, healthy food tastes and smells good.

Medicine is typically given a bad smell and taste in order to prevent people, usually younger ones from mistakenly drinking a lot of it, if it happened to taste good.

Perhaps threatening to call the FDA is premature.

However, don't mistake the above review as a proper reply, see it as the marketing material it really is.

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1 Review

this guy is crazy

May6, 2016

this guy is crazy! if you ever read one of his many emails that he bombard you with whenever you sign up for any information on his site when ever you read it you will see that the guy is a nut case whoever the reviewer was it said that earlier was right on the money. When you read his emails the guy has got an in Normas ego, uses foul language and not only that, he sounds like he's either high and not on what he's selling or drunk or both.

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June 14, 2016

In Norma's? Really?

October 29, 2016

Please grow up. We have been taking all kind of garbage under the shield of Big Pharma. How many people die every year due to side effects? Do your homework. Live clean, eat clean foods, exercise and be happy. All of this equal longevity.

November 23, 2016

Really, can you prove any of your work is your own and not copied off someone else's sweat? He's right when he speaks of being bombarded with all the stupid and totally unnecessary emails (over and over). There's no real need in it. I never got my "free" download on sugar being bad for you. The follow-up email to that was to get me to buy some crap.

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1 Review

Use the info, then do your OWN research

March30, 2016

I got an email about his Immune FX. I checked out the ingredients, went to my LOCAL health food store, asked about andrographis and the lady was GREAT. She told me all about it, I bought a bottle for about $15-WAY less than Shane's price, and it worked GREAT.

So, SOME of his info is good. His PRODUCTS are WAY overpriced, and HE thinks HE is the ONLY one with products any good.

Yes, he IS a nut job. But YOU and I can benefit from SOME of his info.

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June 14, 2016

John Abbott, you wouldn't have known about the existence of Andographis if it wasn't for Shane Ellison. And if you read his literature, of which the vast majority is FREE, you'd know he never suggests you purchase the products from him exclusively. He often points out that Amazon and Walmart the cheapest places to buy them, and he also suggests other suppliers because of the purity of their ingredients.
As far as his being "a nut job," you never attributed what brought you to this diagnosis, just as you never listed your credentials for diagnosing him in the first place.
Your review is so ridiculous You should have saved it for your oh-so-GREAT lady that works at your local health food store.

February 20, 2018

I totally agree with Wendy. I am from Malaysia and the products are a bit too expensive for me to order but I have read his book. Although he markets his products but he gives a lot of information that is beneficial and available elsewhere. I have benefited from the GNC Saw Palmetto which he recommend and I bought it here in Malaysia. I have tried Cinnamon extract as recommended and managed to reduce my blood sugar by several units. Yes he swears in the emails, but I will say that he gives good information that you can benefit without even buying his products. I am biologist and I understand the basics of what he is saying as a chemist and I believe his intentions are good.

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Relief FX is the real deal

October17, 2015

Most of the reviews deal with customer service issues, and I have not engaged with customer service so I can't comment on that.
But I can tell you with complete confidence that Relief FX will eliminate your pain quickly and effectively. After experiencing it first hand I have referred the product to about a half dozen of close friends and every one of them is amazed on how well it works. From headaches, back pain, joint pain, it doesn't seem to matter where your pain is, this product works incredibly well. The real beauty of it is that there are no side effects. I can't speak about his other supplements yet, but Relief FX is fabulous.

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