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About The Patriot Privacy Kit

The Patriot Privacy Kit is an eBook that is available to download from their parent website,, a website that says it is dedicated to all things regarding your privacy and security.

According to their website, their are many people out there today who are uncomfortable with the way that government officials, hackers, or even just everyday members of society can find so much information about us online.

There are whole websites dedicated to giving people the ability to request cheap background checks on anyone you know, for any reason you choose, as well as the information that is collected any time you are online or on your cell phone.

Many people have become uncomfortable with the accessibility of their information and are ready to take the steps necessary to ensure that they and their friends and family have better access to privacy, and in turn, better security.

This is where the Patriot Privacy Kit comes in. They offer information like how to prevent the NSA from accessing your cell phone information, how to keep your online activity truly private, and how to generally secure your privacy in just 10 steps.

This kit also says they can help you with password security, keeping your social security number protected from identity theft, locking up your personal financial information, and how to erase what information already exists about you online.

You can download their eBook after you have purchased it for XXXX. In addition to the information you get from the kit itself, they also offer access to their blog for even more resources and tools.

According to their website, the truth is that issues of privacy and security are always changing, and they want the chance to keep you updated on all of those changes. To do this, they constantly keep their blog updated with the newest information that will help you on your quest.

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