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About The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club, found online at, says that they discover exceptional craft beers from all over the country and deliver them directly to your door each month.

According to their website, every selection chosen by their beer club is produced by a “small production” independent brewer, who uses traditional brewing ingredients and methods. While there is no agreed upon definition of a craft brewery, it at least must have a limited production and not be owned by a large corporation.

The website goes on to say that craft beer is now becoming such an art form that is starting to be taken as seriously as fine wine, but is far more affordable. And to honor the choices of the microbrewers themselves, this beer club offers both bottled and canned choices.

Signing up for their club will get you twelve “world class craft beers,” which are twelve ounces each in size. You will receive four different styles of beer, three beers of each style. You will also receive a monthly newsletter explaining the story behind each beer, where it’s from, and what is in it.

You can choose your delivery system as monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipments, and as well as whether to do an ongoing subscription until you cancel or set a finite number of shipments.

Regardless of what delivery system you choose, each shipment will cost $37.75 and include free shipping. However, depending on the choices you make, you can receive a selection of free bonus gifts, like a beet bottle opener, assorted peanuts, and beer tasting glasses.

Their website says that there is no obligation to maintain a subscription – regardless of the length of the subscription you choose, you can actually cancel at any time as you will only be charged per shipment – there is no “membership fee.”

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