Franklin Prosperity Report Reviews

The Franklin Prosperity Report, available through Newsmax, is a 20 page booklet available to individuals interested in investing and those who want advice on how to increase their savings.

How Does it Work?

Content within these newsletters include the current trends and top stock picks. They also provide recommendations for buying, holding and selling prices. 

This report subscription is not only for new investors but it is also a helpful tool for those who already have an investment portfolio.

Current investors should review and reassess the securities within their portfolios from time to time because the market is constantly evolving. has a two month free trial membership to The Franklin Prosperity Report.

During the signup process you will have the chance to receive a free book called “Aftershock”; it only requires a payment of $4.95 for shipping and handling. This free book is accompanied by three free trial subscriptions.

Each subscription focuses on a different part of an investment portfolio, which is why they enable you to cancel each one individually.

This means you can keep the subscription for the ones you will benefit from the most. A renewal notice will be mailed out one month before the trial periods expire for that particular subscription.

To keep a subscription, the renewal form does not need to be completed; their system is set up to renew all of the subscriptions automatically.  

To cancel, simply make a note of that on the renewal form and sending it back. You may also cancel after the free trial expires for a prorated refund.

Subscribers do not read the details and conditions pertaining to each newsletter which is why there are many online complaints.

Since cancelling one subscription does not affect the others, automatic renewals kick in after each free trial has ended for those not cancelled.

While the renewal information is sent to each subscriber, it is misleading; ripoff reports portray how each member feels taken advantage of.

Additionally, making contact with a representative to cancel a subscription does not cancel all of them. Each subscription has its own department and separate contact information.

Researching each of the stocks you are interested in is important to making any final investment decisions.

Past performance of a stock does not necessarily mean the future will hold the same outcome. Researching industry trends and environmental factors should also be part of your due diligence.

The information within the newsletters and on the site is not submitted by financial advisors who are only making general recommendations.

Without knowing each of their subscribers financial situations, the needs of one person doesn’t reflect the needs of another. For this reason, it is wise to hire a certified financial advisor. 

If you have any experience with the Franklin Prosperity Report, please leave your reviews below.

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