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About The Flash Pack

The Flash Pack is a group tour company for travel lovers ranging from the age of 30 to 40 years. It was started by two co-founders Lee Thompson, a top globetrotting photojournalist, and Radha Vyas. She got tired of her job and was looking for a way to enjoy the holidays like most of her friends.

To find a solution for having a pleasant moment while traveling, Radha tried to find ways of having fun while traveling. A friend of hers came up with the group tour idea which she embraced.

Lee handled assignments in many different countries which involved a lot of travel. This enabled him to accumulate an itinerary of the best destinations and combined with the idea proposed to Radha that was the origin of the company.

The two started the travel agency with an aim to make a positive contribution by choosing where to spend our cash wisely. Flash pack brings together a variety of global communities, indigenous peoples, and local businesses. This ensures that your money goes directly to uplifting those who need it.


Planning of Adventure Trips

Flash Pack plans adventure trips in various parts of the world, ranging from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. They also have mini experiences in the UK.

Some of the top experiences include Wildlife and waterfalls in Costa Rica, into the unknown of Iceland, into the Wilds of Norway, Soothe your soul in Sicily among others.

Flash Pack carefully researches and curates itineraries. They look at off-the-beaten-track locations far away from the crowds that are fun. They then organize exclusive activities in a group format. This is to make your experience more memorable and pleasant during your trip.

They group together a small group of people within a similar age group and with similar passions. This is aimed at creating friendship while participating in activities that you all love such as singing around campfires.

Through interaction with other like-minded people, they make your experience fun and memorable. They introduce you to your fellow Flashpackers before you go on your adventure. This gives you the opportunity to see if you will click before traveling.

Flash pack does not encourage mean-spirited behaviors. They are dynamic and provide extraordinary experiences different from the average holidays. The experience is accompanied by fun, luxury, and unforgettable memories.

The adventure trips are planned for the best experiences and local insights. They bring together teams of open-minded travel lovers and involve a personal touch. This is carefully planned from the moment you express interest in booking a trip.

They ensure that you receive what is worth your money. Their wide selection of itineraries enables you to have everything you need during your trip saving you money. This ensures that your money is also safe and you feel comfortable and secure throughout your adventure.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple and straightforward. You first need to get in touch with them. Find your dream adventure in one of the listed countries. Look at the rates and what is offered. Having made your pick, you will have to pay a small deposit depending on your country of destination.

You will then meet your fellow flashpackers. You will get further instructions on what needs to be done after which you start your journey and experience together with the others in the group.

Cost and Price Plans

There are different price plans depending on your country of destination. The cost and price plans are available in different currencies from £ (GBP), $ (USD), € (EUR), $ (CAD), $ (AUD), $ (NZD), $ (HKD) and DH (AED). You will need to choose your preferred currency.

Some adventure trips range from £3649, others at £2949 among other costs. The cost is also dependent on what’s included in the package so make your pick well.

Customer Service

For inquiries, get in touch with their customer service team within different locations through the following numbers, UK (London): 020 30511057, US (New York): 917 4733533 and AU (Melbourne): 03 91112390. You can also contact them by filling in the form through their contact us page or email them directly at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many travelers that have made bookings with Flash pack are happy with their experiences. They stated that they had a fantastic experience and would love to go on another adventure with the travel agency.

Many people enjoyed the well-planned trips, knowledgeable guides, excellent itinerary, and company. The guides were also knowledgeable and did a good job which was impressive. The company was quick in finding alternatives to places that experienced harsh weather.

They had great moments of learning about different cultures and cuisines and had memorable moments. The adventure trips proved to be better than solo travel. People were able to meet friends who were passionate, fun and energetic.

They praised how well the trips were organized and the support was good. The team was also reliable, by answering questions and assisting with special requests promptly. The accommodation was well planned.

Competitors and Alternatives

You can get a similar experience through a travel agency like Intrepid Travel, Trek America or

Solo Travellers. Intrepid sends thousands of travelers across the globe each year to various destinations. They have great deals that provide travelers with adventure and comfort.

Trek America which partners with Virgin Atlantic and Delta provides young travelers with an opportunity to discover parts of USA & Canada on an epic road trip. They also have tours in North America tours that take you to the big city highlights and jaw-dropping national parks. Their tours can take as little as 3 days to 3 months.

Solo Travellers organize group tours where you enjoy exploring different parts of the world.

Where to Buy?

Get in touch with Flash pack to find out more about their deals and offers running all throughout the year through their official website.


For lovers of adventure, Flash pack is a great way to tour the world and enjoy the different things life has to offer. You do not have to travel alone and get bored anymore. Get matched up with others with similar interests and have a memorable holiday full of fun and refreshing activities. You also don’t have to worry if it is your first time since they provide support for every single traveler.

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