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About The Fat Decimator System

The Fat Decimator System is a one-man attempt to improve lives of as many people as possible. The man behind this system is Kyle Cooper, an ex Marine Corps sergeant.

Kyle had a terrifying experience during his service, having almost lost his life. In the same accident, his friend who was also a member of his team lost his life. Kyle was the leader of his unit and had the main task of getting the older and out of shape Marine reserves back into shape. Unfortunately, he had huge troubles succeeding in this.

Then, they fell into a trap while they were on a mission in Afghanistan. Majority of them managed to escape, but one of them stayed behind because of his lack of fitness. He died in a bomb explosion. Since their fitness was his job and responsibility, Kyle felt terrible. He immediately started looking for a new way to improve their shape.

It happened that an awarded medical student from Korea, Sam, was a part of the unit. He saw that Kyle was struggling and approached him. It turned out had a solution for Kyle's problems.

Sam shared precious knowledge about healthy diet and physical activity. This knowledge is available to vast number of people in countries like Japan and Korea. These are the countries famous for longevity of their nations. Hence, Kyle had little doubts in Sam's words. He put his men on the program at once and saw amazing results.

Later, news about this program started spreading. Kyle was grateful people were responding well to it. He made it his mission to transform as many lives as possible. So soon, he had to adapt it to an average user, and this is how he came about setting it up on the Internet.


Kyle is not alike many presenters of "magic" potions and ways of losing your weight. He is selling a simple and adaptable system. This seems reasonable since everyone is unique, and everyone’s schedule is different. He is offering only the tips, tricks, and advice.

The "plan" focuses on nutrients which are necessary for our normal functioning. These are the elements we get from certain vegetables. Also, there are the foods which we need to avoid to stay healthy.

Besides, there are many extra helpful bits. For your personal reference, you get a chart to track and follow your results. There is video material for 3-minute abs workout. Also, there are tips on which treats you can have, as well as a list of sex drive boosting foods.

It is an all-inclusive step-by-step system of advice on how you can improve your health. Improving your health will, of course, enable you to lose the excess weight.

How Does It Work?

The directions you'll get in the program are simple and easy to follow. It depends upon you how dedicated you'll be in sticking to them.

Unlike all other popular diets, there are no restrictions. You will be able to eat most of the things that you are eating now. Even many of the treats will be no problem. What will change is the time when you take in certain herbs rich in important nutrients.

It will also detox your gut, enabling you to burn off the health-threatening excess weight.

You should be able to lose around 5 lbs in the first week only.

Moreover, there is no need for exhausting and joint damaging cardio workouts. There is only a short optional program if you want to sculpt your abs.

Cost and Price Plans

Estimated value of this weight loss system is around $350. Kyle is offering full online access to it for almost ten times smaller amount of money.

On top of it, he included a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you don't experience the benefits of this program, you can reach out and ask for a refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The online community doesn't agree over how effective and reliable this program is. There are rating websites which show plenty of positive reviews. People stress how easy and simple it is to follow this program.

Yet there are also sites which claim this program is a scam and that Kyle doesn't even exist. They show, proof by prof, that FDS claims aren't believable. The wisest thing you can do is your own in-depth analysis of this system and its owner.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of different weight loss systems. They either focus on nutrition control or physical exercise.

Fat Diminisher is a weight loss system relying on avoiding only one food to lose weight. Jenny Craig offers a whole nutrition guide.

Another competitor, Turbulence Training, has thorough training in its basis.

If you’re looking for something as similar as possible, Jenny offers the closest thing.

Where to Buy?

This system is available for order through the link at the bottom of the presentation page. Scroll down and you will see the link for safe purchase.


If you are searching for weight loss programs, you have surely come across a huge number. They differ in focus, ranging from nutrition-based to exercise-based. Some seam pretty unbelievable with highly unlikely claims.

The Fat Decimator System talks about the habits which you should change. Yet, this system doesn't forbid intake of almost any foods.

So do some research and find out for yourself how accurate and reliable the info about the founder is. If everything seems legit, you can start using this all inclusive program and track the changes for motivation.

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