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About The Fat Burning Hormone

The Fat burning Hormone is a 30 second trick Joel Marion developed for dieters who were consuming fewer calories or reducing their food portions. The premise for his theory revolved around the body’s natural weight control mechanism, a hormone called Leptin.

Controlling Leptin is hard to do because it is a protein-based hormone and cannot be taken orally, it must actually be given intravenously. This however is a very expensive procedure. Joel Marion felt that controlling Leptin levels could be done on one’s own, strategically, with the use of carbohydrates and fats.

Leptin receptors react to food intake and energy expenditure, but are highly sensitive to starvation.  When it senses this, Leptin levels within your body decreases and you can’t continue to burn fat efficiently. Using carbohydrates and fats to maintain normal Leptin levels can be done by incorporating one cheat day into you diet each week.

Joel Marion expresses that this cheat day is not so you can gorge yourself in food; it is intended to be used to binge on your favorite foods and satisfy food cravings. As you continue dieting, with one weekly cheat day, your body will still burn fat because starvation is never detected.

He doesn’t promote planning meals or skipping meals, his diet plan is based on four principles. It describes how and when to use carbs and fats to lose weight. Second, it explains how you can burn additional fat with just one nutrient. Third, it also pinpoints one special food that can rid your body of even more fat. Lastly, it shows how to gain full control of your Leptin levels in just a mere 30 seconds each day.

The full system is sold through his site for a special price of $47.00, normally valued at $197.00. It consists of seven components: a manual, a DVD, a CD, check lists, a journal, a set of reference cards, and a workbook.

Although the full program is available on his site, online stores and local retailers sell Joel Marion’s book and e-book called “The Cheat to Lose Diet”, which describes his Fat Burning Hormone diet. This quick read book costs approximately $10.00-$15.00. Reading this book before jumping into the full program can help you decide if you want to proceed forward with the diet.

There are no clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of Joel Marion’s Fat Burning Hormone diet. Working out and eating healthy is always the best way to lose weight. If you are curious in the Fat Burning Hormone program, consider having your hormones levels checked by an endocrinologist before jumping into it. Implementing any sort of program that causes a hormonal reaction, should be monitored by a doctor to ensure your fat burning hormone is functioning properly and that other hormones are not being adversely affected.

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