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The Dog Training Secret is a do-it-yourself training guide for dog owners created by a team of professionals using the newest and most trusted training theories.

According to the website, Chet Womach and a team of trainers with over twenty years of combined experience got together in 2005 to create and develop a training program which is completely hands off, and based entirely on positive reinforcement.

The Dog Training Secret says there are three important things a dog owner needs to do to ensure a happy, well behaved dog. The first is to make sure that your dog is healthy.

This means having your dog either spayed or neutered, as well as regular vet check ups and exercise. A dog that is unhealthy is likely to act out.

The second important thing a pet owner needs is particular equipment to help your dog at every age and stage of development, like chew toys, a crate, treats, a good dog bed, grooming supplies, and more.

And finally, the third thing you need for a happy, well behaved dog is good training program, and not just for puppies, but for older dogs as well. Dog owners should know that training continues throughout the life of the dog, and doesn’t just end with housebreaking.

The Dog Training Secret program focuses on training which uses all positive reinforcement and doesn’t rely on old theories of asserting dominance on your dog with hitting, yelling, or using “nasty” training devices like shock collars, prong collars, or choke collars.

The Dog Training Secret store sells training assistance tools like leashes and clickers, and a range of training programs you can buy to train your dog on your own, at home.

These programs range from $37.77 for the most basic training program DVD series all the way to $197.00 for an interactive training program where you’ll watch live demonstrations online and have all your specific pet issues addressed.

Customers who have any complaints about what they receive have up to 60 days to return their product and request a refund.

If you have any experience with The Dog Training Secret, please leave reviews below.

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The Dog Training Secret Customer Reviews

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Rip Off! Cruel Fake Training!
May 8, 2022
Purchased a trial training. They were supposed to send me a link with a password for access to the e-training. Received the e-mail and link, but NO password. Called the phone number for help and received an automated one word reply "GOODBYE!" Called my bank, cancelled the payment and my debit card. Too many red flags. Wish I would have read these reviews prior to subscribing to the training. BUYERS BEWARE!!

They do not honor satifaction guarantee and the methods are cruel.
June 27, 2021

I ordered this program because it advertised satisfaction guaranteed. The first instructions I received to control my dogs barking told me to put a pronged or chain collar on my dog and to throw rolled up towels at the dog's head. I have two dogs - 5 lbs and 7 lbs.

No way was I going to do either of these things to these little dogs. I immediately requested a refund and was told that unless I could provide a video that proved the method didn't work I could not get a refund. I don't know where they hid this info before my purchase but I would not have purchased the program with this stipulation.

They refuse to give me a refund. Don't order this program. They don't keep their word.

PennyArrowood November 04, 2021

I signed up for the $27 program I saw one video of a so-called trainer getting a dog to take one treat out of her hand. It was a joke I wrote three emails two phone calls your phone calls where answered thank you for calling goodbye there is no one hundred percent guarantee money back they will not respond to you I have to file a claim with my credit card company because they do not honor their ads. This is a scam beware not worth one penny you can find free videos on YouTube better

Be prepared for heavy sell job
March 26, 2020

I was lured into the free "live" webinar I saw on FB - big mistake as thanks to algorithms I am now inundated with every dog ad conceivable. They try to make it seem like it is live but clearly it isn't. Total nonsense. I don't know whether to believe anything he

says or not. There seemed to be some very interesting information about dog behaviour and he is very entertaining and easy to listen to. He makes sense and sounds honest. The webinar is supposed to be one hour. For about 40 minutes I was quite interested and got a few details about dog behaviour. No training though so don't think (despite his promises at the beginning ) that you are going to come away with a single tip or exercise about stopping your dog from barking, jumping up or whatever your issue is. The info about dog behaviour is interesting (if it's true) but I think it is info you could google yourself online anywhere. And - this is important - I absolutely respect that the training is positive and does NOT encourage choke collars, shock collars, spike collars or anything like that - so I give them props for that. But at about the 60 minute mark it turns into a heavy sell job that goes on for a LOOOOOOOOONNNNGG time with just enough training and behavioural stuff to keep you hooked. I can't comment on the actual course because I was so put off by the hard marketing I was done by 1 hr and 45 minutes. I'm just saying be very prepared to be sold big time. There's no free lunch as they say. We never seem to learn this do we.

Fake "live webinar"
November 17, 2019

I was invited to watch a free live webinar, which promised to actually show techniques of training.

First of all, it was an infomercial, and only a teaser.

Second it was not live, but worked hard to pretend.

Survey questions popped up, and comments were made on how there were common threads in the answers.

And there was a streaming "live chat" on the side that one could try to participate in.

When I was accidentally disconnected, and logged back on, the "live webinar" started from the beginning. It was a video.

Then it took the usual infomercial route of offering a discount etc.

Now I am getting spam email from them.

I believe the reviews people are putting up about the personal trainers and live help sessions not existing and never getting responses to emails or requests for refunds.

The video tried hard to make it seem like this is a one man operation and like he is working with one other person (a professional service dog trainer). The responses that I see to people's complaints suggest that this is a bigger operation and that their main activity is not dog training, rather, it is hoodwinking people into paying for a service that doesn't exist, and protecting themselves with fine print.


annabelkershaw March 26, 2020

Wish I had seen this review before I wasted almost 2 hrs of my time yesterday trying to get "free" training. You get what you pay for. It's about 40 minutes of info on dog behaviour, which was interesting and then endless sell job. I feel so stupid to fall for this stuff.

hands on
November 2, 2019
I paid for this and never got anything. I ordered it in Sept. It is now Nov.and still nothing. The reviews my be right it is a scam. will have to call the credit card co. and get my money back.

October 27, 2019
I watched the webinar and signed up for the class, but at the end it was supposed to have a link (just for watching the 2 hour webinar) for a freebie. The freebie link was not there. I tried to ask through the chat but got no response. I received another link in an email for what I thought was more info but it turned out to be the SAME webinar. The weird part was that the comments and the chats were all the same from the last time I watched it. It let me put in comments and chats but no one ever responded to my questions even though my comments showed up as if it was live. And at the end of the webinar Chet talks about 8 people that had already signed up and he can only take 15. This "deal" would never be run again and you would never get the good price again as he was supposedly using the group of 15 as a test before he goes big with the program. Not sure how you can run the SAME webinar day after day for only one group of 15. Sounds like a scam to me...

HeatherWillcox May 16, 2020

The, “And at the end of the webinar Chet talks about 8 people that had already signed up and he can only take 15,“ - is what just confirmed that the video wasn't live for me. I had feelings it wasn't but I was also waiting for the freebie. If this is legit this company isn’t doing anything to help itself seem legit.

the dog secret lies
November 17, 2018

1)no live chats available at all, although they are promised weekly.

2)they only replied to one of my questionswith a very short unsatisfying answer. when I asked for a more indepth answer I was ignored.

3)NO MONEY BACK guarantee. By the time they responded to my email about asking back for my money, it was day 31 after I purchased the course and refused to give back my money.

4)they ensured I would have life long access to the course, but after trying to log in my account has been removed and my emails are being ignored.

BE VERY AWARE and please get a real trainer

TDTS December 11, 2018

Your order was placed on 8/23/18, so our 30-day money back guarantee (which is clearly explained on the order page) expired on 9/22/18. I'm sorry but, at this time, we are unable to process a refund for your purchase (as your request didn't come in until 11/7/18). However, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the program, including the ability to seek assistance from our trainer using the "Comments" tabs found under each video lesson. If you post a training question, our trainer will respond with her advice. We have reviewed the comments you posted. Minette did answer your first question. Your second comment did not include a question, just a statement, so there was nothing for her to answer. I'm sorry for the confusion. Our records indicate that the last time you signed in was Nov 23, 2018 6:02AM, which was after your last communication with us (on Nov 18 at 7:22 AM), proving that you do, indeed, have lifetime access to the course material.Your access has not been revoked, nor will it be.

Ultimate Canine Companion and ERT training
October 16, 2018
My dog has had aggression issues do to fear. Both the obedience training I did with her, and the ERT training were amazing! She is so much better behaved, and we can now walk past other people and dogs with her in a heal position. If these programs don't work for you, you aren't putting in the time, or your dog is just too aggressive. These programs have changed our lives, and probably saved my dog's life.

Sorry I took this class
August 7, 2018

BEWARE... the bad reviews are TRUE! I spent 300.00 on this class and got NOTHING! I signed up for the class, was looking forward to training with my dog and "personal trainer" Let me just say... all dogs are not the same and you cannot get "personal" training on line. When I asked for help with a class that my dog was responding well with, I was told it was my fault, I was told I was not following instructions, I was told my dog was aggressive, and I was told my rewards were not high quality enough. ( I had fresh chicken, beef, fish and dried buffalo)

This trainer had a bad habit of telling the paying clients it was their fault their dogs were not responding properly.

I was also told that if my dog did not respond right away, I could take extra time with him, BEFORE starting the next class. However... that did no play in to the 8 week course. I wanted my money back after the first two weeks, but I was under the impression I had to wait till the 8 weeks. I had a death in the family and had to go out of town, upon my return I emailed The Dog Training Secret and asked to seek with Chet Womack, I explained that my dog did not benefit from the class and I was wanting to discuss getting my money back, they promptly told me I was not within the 8 week limit for a refund and they were sorry for any inconvenience. In my opinion, if you are looking for help training your dog, it would be best for you and your dog to get an actual personal trainer, one that can work individually with you and your dog rather than to group all dogs and people into one group. you owe it to yourself and your dog to get the best trainer, not to pay for an online class that is only out to get your money by making hollow promises.

TDTS August 10, 2018

Gerrie - you emailed us on Saturday, August 4, 2018, saying that you wanted a refund. Customer Service responded that same day, saying the following "Thank you for your email, and your business. We offer an 8-week money back guarantee on the Ultimate K9 Companion program. Your first day of class was 4/23/18, so that guarantee expired on 6/17/18. I'm sorry but, at this time, I am unable to process a refund for your purchase.

You do have unlimited, lifetime access to the training, so please feel free to seek extra assistance from our trainers."

I am terribly sorry that you waited almost 2 months past the guarantee period (which is very clearly stated on the sales page) to request a refund. As such, we could not honor that request.

AnnePacker August 12, 2018

I paid for the basic course of $27.00 yesterday, 12th August NZT. the FB advt said I would receive a password and access to the online training. I have only received an invoice. Is this a scam?

Gerri August 13, 2018

My comment was not just about not getting my money back. It also had to do with my personal experience that I had with your class and the trainer.

In my comment above I mentioned that I EMAILED you, and that you promptly responded to me. Forgive me for not mentioning that you responded by email, I took it for granted that might be understood since I said I had emailed you. Regardless of how your responded, that does not negate the rest of my report on my personal experience with your class.

I do think its important that people know that the "training" they get from one of your personal trainers is geared to ALL dogs, regardless of age or breed, however, not all dogs are going to respond the same way at the same pace. I Just want anyone considering taking this class to be aware of this. Each week you send in questions and the trainer responds, there is in an open forum. It is not you personally, all those taking the class can see your questions and the trainers response to your question. If your dog does not respond like they are supposed to, within the time frame given for each class, that does NOT mean you are doing something wrong or that you are responsible, since (let me say it again) Not all dogs will respond to this class or the training given here. It is not a train all, cure all for every dog. As I said I was told I was not following directions, (which the trainer has no way of knowing, since she never met me or observed my training, I was also told my "rewards/treats" were not good enough, again, since the trainer never met or observed what type of treat I was giving my dog, she has no way of knowing this) Since I took your class, I was privy to all the comments and I saw several comments where the trainer seemed impatient when people would tell her their dogs were not responding, or that they were having trouble, and your trainer blamed the clients for their dogs lack of learning, even when they asked her for other idea's. (Although this may be true in some, possibly many cases, it is not always true in every case, sometimes a certain technique is just not going to work for a dog, it has nothing to do with the person training them.) I also stated that my dog was not responding to the training, I was told by the trainer that I could take extra weeks to work with my dog, I was under the impression that would allow me more time to see if he would respond. So, to anyone taking this class, don't make that mistake, if you have to take extra time to get satisfactory results from your dog, make sure it's within the 8 week training period, at the end of 8 weeks, ON THE DOT, you need contact them for your money back if you are not satisfied.

Again... I caution anyone reading this to please read all of the reviews on this page, mine is not the only review here, there are many others who have been less than satisfied with this class. 300.00 dollars is a lot of money to risk throwing out there. This class is not a guarantee that you will get what you are looking for in training. If you get two or three weeks into this class and you are not satisfied with your dogs progress or you don't feel you are getting the quality you feel you should get for 300.00 dollars, (or whatever you pay) take my advice, don't wait till the 8 weeks is up, get out while you can and take a puppy or dog training class with a trainer who will work up close and personal with you and your dog.

When it comes to dogs I know a few things. I have trained three German Shepherds on my own, and they have been amazing dogs. This dog I have now was adopted at a year old and has some issues due to lack of training during that time. However, there was only ONE week out of the 8 that I needed some extra help with, my dog was already well trained in all other areas. Hindsight, I should have backed out after the first week since I basically spent the whole 8 weeks working with him on one class. So again, not ALL dogs will benefit from this course, Some will and some will do great. Keep in mind, just because you have unlimited access to the training, it doesn't help much if the technique does not work.

But hey, don't take my word for it, check out the rest of the reviews on this page, or go to ( Ripoff Report there are even more reviews there.

Unfortunately not all consumer reports are going to be in your favor.

Gerri August 14, 2018

Ann, I can't say it is a "scam", I did receive services from them. I received video's, emails, audios, all on line, nothing sent to my home. However, I have read comments where people have experienced the same problems you are having and were unable to get them resolved.

I would try to contact them and find out what the problem is. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not easy to reach. Try calling this number: . (877) 943-4464. Hope this helps, and should you decide to class, best of luck to you.

Gerri August 14, 2018

Ann, I have heard of other people having trouble getting their password also, some of the comments on this page deal with that issue, many have had problems logging in. I personally cannot say it is "scam" as I did receive services from them, and I did get the emails, video's and audio recordings all online. I never received anything in the mail as I opted for the online services. However, if you have not received your password, I would call and tell them and let them know you would like your password, or you want to get your money back.

Try calling this number. (877) 943-4464. Hope this helps, and should you decide to class, best of luck to you.

TDTS August 14, 2018

Anne Parker - this is not a scam. Please email customer service at [email protected] for assistance with retrieving your login details.

TDTS August 14, 2018

Gerrie - I am so sorry that you had a negative experience with our course and our trainer. Again, had you contacted us within the satisfaction guarantee period, we would have gladly refunded you. Since we are well aware that not all dogs will respond to our trainer, that is why we offer that guarantee. But, we do reserve the right to limit the length of the guarantee period, just as any business does. Again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We do appreciate the feedback that you have offered so that we can continue to strive to create the best courses and experiences for our customers.

We sell literally thousands of courses every year. It is impossible, unfortunately, to please everyone.

Looks like maybe a few had an issue and posted on the internet about it. What you don't see are the 100's or 1000's of rave reviews and thank you emails we get from very happy customers.

We have a money back guarantee. So, plain and simple, if you don't think our materials are worth what you paid, we'll refund your money, no questions asked (as long as it is within the guarantee period).

I would challenge you to find a large company on the internet without one negative review.

February 9, 2018
Can't log in and they won't respond. Filing a dispute with credit card company.

Do not purchase this program
January 8, 2018
Like the previous reviews I had trouble with the website and couldn’t log in. I finally did log in and was dissatisfied with the program. I contacted the company who refused to give me a refund because I was out of the refund period by four days. I also filed a complaint with the better business bureau. They still refused to give me a refund even a partial refund. This company doesn’t care if customers don’t like the program or didn’t use it. They only care about profit.

MargaretLamb Gannotti March 12, 2018

Total scam!!!! they have charged me 6 times over the weekend for something I did not purchase. Watch out! no one picks up or calls you back and no one answers emails.

Gerri August 07, 2018

I experienced the same thing! These people are not out to help you train your dog, they are out to get your money and they don't care about you or your dog, and they will find any way they can to escape the money back guarantee, so don't count on that.

TDTS August 14, 2018

I am so sorry that you had a negative experience with our course and our trainer. Again, had you contacted us within the satisfaction guarantee period, we would have gladly refunded you. Since we are well aware that not all dogs will respond to our trainer, that is why we offer that guarantee. But, we do reserve the right to limit the length of the guarantee period, just as any business does. Again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We do appreciate the feedback that you have offered so that we can continue to strive to create the best courses and experiences for our customers.

We sell literally thousands of courses every year. It is impossible, unfortunately, to please everyone.

Looks like maybe a few had an issue and posted on the internet about it. What you don't see are the 100's or 1000's of rave reviews and thank you emails we get from very happy customers.

We have a money back guarantee. So, plain and simple, if you don't think our materials are worth what you paid, we'll refund your money, no questions asked (as long as it is within the guarantee period).

I would challenge you to find a large company on the internet without one negative review.

JodiSloboda June 19, 2021

These responses are CANNED responses. They are literally word for word the same. I am so not impressed. I'm so glad I read these reviews before signing up!

Thief and Scammer
October 19, 2017
this guy stole $124.00 from go to sign into the site and it doesn't work but there also is no way to reset a password or anything like that...because IT IS A SCAM! and the phone number you will never get a person or a call back and it goes to a voicemail ALL THE TIME! you will never get a call back....because IT IS A SCAM! I am sure all communication that you get from them are computer generated...I also think FACEBOOK needs to have some degree of accountability having SCAMMERS putting ads on FACEBOOK!

Cynthia Anderson July 27, 2019

These people are not scammers! You can change your password and every time that I have emailed them, I get information that answers my questions. The lessons work if you faithfully follow the steps they give you. I have read several negative reviews that are not true according to my experience. Some of you are asking for refunds after the time is up and blaming the company or saying they stole money from you. There is no way they could steal money from anyone if refunds were requested on time.

Cynthia Anderson July 28, 2019

Nobody STOLE money from you. You had an opportunity to get a refund within 30 days if you wanted it. The phone message also give you an email address you can use to contact them. When I have used the email address, I have received an answer within 24 hours, sometimes sooner. They will also tell you how to change your password and set up a refund if you are within the 30 day limit.

So don’t blame this company for your short falls. The communications I have gotten from them have been specifically related to my questions. If you never communicated with anyone, how can you accuse them of computer generated communications? You should never accuse anyone of something based on your assumption! I find this company very reliable and there lessons are very helpful to me in training my dog who happens to be quite over-reactive. She has improved a lot due to the lessons I have purchased and followed exactly.

Should have read these first
June 12, 2017
I really liked my first experience with your company. Ordered Impluse control. Good lessons. Then wanted to try hands off for 37.77. Can't log in and haven't gotten a response from my e-mails. Think I may have been taken also.

PatriciaMcNamara June 19, 2018

I was really interested in this product. Encouraged by initial review. Unfortunately, the next reviews about logging in and being unable to use not so good. Same problems I experienced with "Doggy Dan" training videos. Wonder if they are connected..... Anyhow, happy I used PayPal and refund was easy. I checked and The Dog Training Secret doesn"t offer payment through PayPal. I will pass on this sounds too good to be true training program. Thanks for sharing the negative experiences.

Gerri August 07, 2018

Smart move Patricia, it is a scam. I was taken for 300.00.

Cynthia Anderson July 28, 2019

It isn’t a scam. Call the phone number and make sure you are sending your emails to the address they give you on the phone message. I have communicated back and forth with them several times and have never had a problem. They answer me quite quickly.

I have read many of the comments that think this is a scam, and I wonder if the correct email is being used. Also, I have noticed that the people claiming to have been ripped off failed to request a refund within the allotted time.

January 15, 2017
I signed for the $37.77 and then all these windows with added feature at added cost kept popping up. I had to close the site to get off it. One week later they billed my Ax card for $197.97 without my knowledge. I immediately called the fraud unit. I don't care how good you train dogs if it takes scamming the customer to do it.

HollyThurber-Schoppe March 12, 2018

Scammed -watched one free video - I bought nothing and 60

Days later got a $99 taken out of my account. Only got a voicemail when calling. Working with the bank to get Mamet back. They left me with no money. Unable to get meds and food !!!!

Cynthia Anderson July 28, 2019

The voicemail gives you an email address to use to contact them. They have replied to me within 24 hours or less each time. As far as the charge goes for you and Michael, sometimes when windows with added features pop up or even if you’re just asked to buy one thing, accidentally pressing the wrong button can happen. I have done it before without realizing it. I don’t like it when any site keeps popping up one thing after another wanting me to buy more, but I do know that if you close the site in the middle of an order, you will have no idea what you may be charged for. You should always keep pressing the no button until they stop and give you a list of the one or more things you have chosen. That way you can make changes if the total is wrong. It may be annoying, but it is the only way to be sure of the charges. It does not mean there is a scam going on in either case. Mistakes DO happen even with big companies. Don’t you think they deserve the benefit of the doubt before being accused of scamming?

He's a salesman, but he does some good work
June 29, 2016

Chet has many great training ideas. I like his hands-off training video and his companion dog training video. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get these behaviors trained, but the concepts are sensible theories. The hard part now is implementing them all. I think he may have done the $197 thing to me, too, but I just e-mailed and they took care of it. I think I missed something. Maybe in the fine print. Like "cancel within 30 days and pay nothing or something like that" Anyway, my favorite part that makes everything make sense is the clicker game. You gotta see that!

I think Minet seems a little tired or cranky sometimes, but she is definitely a good dog trainer (maybe not a people trainer). I guess that's the worst I can say. Probably most of you have stopped reading by now, but I had to say something.

Sorry about your money issues.


Sarah M. and Peanut

get your info and trust for dog lovers and abuse it
March 3, 2016
this is just a way to bill you $37.99 then a week later bill you another $197.99 for something you no nothing about. P.O.S. scum, scam artist

November 30, 2015
I ordered the $37.77 downloadable version of their dog training video and I declined all of their many high pressure sales pitches and finally just stopped opening their stupid e-mails. It is now 9 days after I placed my initial $37.77 order and I received an invoice stating that my full $197 balance was paid. The funny thing about this is that I never authorized this amount and I plan to call my credit card company to have the charge reversed, report them to the BBB, and if that doesn't do any good, I might go find this Chet guy and use physical force to take my money and a lot of satisfaction from this P.O.S. I can only hope that he is locked up in prison soon because I am reading about a lot of other pissed off people who had the same experience.

February 3, 2015
The dog training secrets SCAM, Charge your credit card $37.77 then a week later another unauthorized $197.00. FRAUD and SCAM, stay away from their fradulant offers

Natasha Clarke-Kop April 27, 2015

I had the same thing happen they have refunded the $37.77 but not the $197.00 NOT HAPPY. Also got bombarded by emails

mette borge gottschalk January 24, 2016

Same thing happened to me. I got a default password to open the video. They have still not sent me a valid one. I immediately closed my credit card from any further charges from this scam!