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With The Diet Solution Program anyone can learn the basics to losing weight and taking control of their health. The information included in this program contains essential principles paving a path to a healthy lifestyle and preventing negative health conditions.

Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist and certified strength and conditioning specialist developed The Diet Solutions Program to provide people a simple approach to weight loss and nutrition. Within the guide you will learn about fat, calories, metabolism, and exercise. It also includes helpful tools and resources relating to foods and diet. There are recipes, shopping lists, pre-calculated servicing measurements and detailed meal plans.

The Diet Solution Program E-Book costs $47.00 which can be paid upfront or in two payments within 21 days. The hard copy version of the program costs an additional $19.95. There is also a free seven-day e-course delivered via email with additional health tips and information.

This diet was created as an alternative to other diets that are extreme in nature and hard to follow; many of the popular diets restrict certain types of foods. This diet does not restrict any one category of food; instead it focuses on the foods that should be part of any healthy meal plan. Some of the program participants lost over five pounds in the first week, which is not uncommon. Typically, individuals will lose 1-2 pounds per week on average.

Another benefit of the diet is the way people feel after they modify their eating habits. After changing their diets, individuals felt less tired and their energy levels increased. This diet does not promote using weight loss pills, supplements, or costly shakes and bars. Although exercise is important to any diet, and it is recommended for overall health benefits and to aid in weight loss, The Diet Solution Program works even if you do not exercise regularly. Making simple and small changes over time will lead to great results.

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