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The Desire System, found online at, is a promotional video presentation and seminar from Christian Hudson which  promotes 'The Desire System by Dr David Tian' which promises to give men a proven strategy that they can use to attract women.  

How Does It Work?

The Desire System claims to incorporate many different theories of attraction and dating into a single system that can be incorporated by men looking to attract women.  

A central theory that this system utilizes, however, is the Emotional Activation System, which is based on the theory of “emotional contagion”, described by Wikipedia as a way of bonding with another person through “mimicry and synchronization” of their expressions, postures, movements, and more.

One difference between this system of attracting women and some others is that Christian Hudson emphasizes how much work and effort one will need to put into this system in order for it to be effective.  Men will need to be willing to “troubleshoot” their internal issues, which would otherwise block them from effectively putting this system into practice. 

Once you have done the necessary personal introspection and work to be able to actually use the Desire System, the second level of the system will give you specific information on how to implement it with the woman of your choice. 

The 'Seduction Guru' Industry

A great number of people are unhappy with their dating life and are having difficulty finding the relationship they want.  To say there is an overabundance of information, both free and for-sale, on the internet regarding everything from dating advice, to making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, to various seduction techniques, would be an understatement...

The 'Seduction Guru' Industry has been accused of preying on the desperation of people who are looking for answers as to why they're having difficulties in their romantic life.  Seduction courses being promoted online are often very heavy on promises and price tags, while reliable information regarding their effectiveness is difficult to come across.

Most dating courses and attraction programs tend to have the same approach to potential customers – they promise to teach you a super-easy, super-fast, and guaranteed way to get any woman you want to sleep with you immediately.

These types of program are often centered on a single “secret trick.”  Surely most of the information offered is freely available online, albeit difficult to sort through.  

Cost/Price Plans

For $67.00, customers will receive the video, audio, and transcripts of the 'Desire System by David Tian' seminar, as well as Christian Hudson's other attraction and dating systems, including Friends into Lovers, The Complete Confidence Hypnosis, Endless Conversations, and "surprise bonuses" they will get access to when they log into their personal account.

Customers will also get trial access to The Social Man Society, Christian Hudson's member’s-only community website, for 14 days.

Refund Policy

This product is sold directly through this website, and the only references to a Refund Policy is on their sales page and briefly in the Terms & Conditions, both of which says that dissatisfied customers have a full year with this product in which to request a refund if they are not happy.

That being said, it’s been documented with other products sold online that these types of “365 Day Refund Policies” are actually incredibly difficult to obtain, and generally require a long list of things you must prove to the company in order to collect your refund. Since there is no mention of this type of list on their website, customers have no idea what conditions they’ll be held to in order to get their refund. 

This leaves customers two options. First, to contact Customer Service and receive the full details of this policy before actually purchasing it, or second, to purchase this product with no real expectation of obtaining a refund, even if you are unhappy.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-405-1915 or email at [email protected]  The Social Man, INC lists their physical address as 100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000, Austin, TX 78701.


While the video presentation for the Desire System also tries to catch consumer interest by playing up the potential magic of their 'Emotional Activation System', customer reviews of this program emphasize the time, effort, and work men are expected to put into themselves, before they are ever advised to approach a woman. 

Because of this, many reviewers describe it as a program that is not intended for men who “simply want to get laid,” as it requires too much work, and especially emotional work. And even though this company does automatically loop you into a trial of another product, they clearly print the cancellation information on their sales page. 

When searching online for details regarding 'The Desire System' or Hudson's 'The Social Man', it's difficult to find reliable information since most blogs or dating 'review sites' are actually affiliate marketers who earn a commission if you purchase the course following a link from their website.

One criticism of 'The Social Man' package being sold here is that, although it contains a lot of information for a relatively low price, it's various modules often contain very expensive 'up-sells' to more expensive courses and seminars.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are countless programs and online 'gurus' that offer to teach men tricks or techniques to help them with their romantic relationships with women.  The Girlfriend Activation System is a very similar promotional video by Christian Hudson, promoting the same product.

If you have any experience with The Desire System, please leave your  reviews below.

The Desire System Customer Reviews

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F.J.S- Soliloquy
March 20, 2021

It's sad, that lonely people who only ever have good intentions have there hearts ripped out and left for girls to walk all over them and leave them in pieces I get why it isn't free because there are a lot of weird and disgusting people who would take advantage of this system, I'm 17 from the UK and am miserable not to say a lot of people aren't with this whole pandemic.

I've tried to shoot my shot but have long missed, im giving up flunking my college and and smoking so much weed im dumber than dumber, I hate that this is the way life has to be for so many people, not just me, I want to know if anyone else feels the same, I just want someone to tell me they want me, not for sex but for me, im a virgin, most of my friends are younger than me and have had sex :0. Its heartbreaking.

I recently told a girl the way I felt about her, your smart, you can figure it out. The same thing just repeating itself, I dont want to be lonely its horrible, girls are fascinating in their own way, the way their brains work and how without this system hopeless guys would have no chance to treat a girl right but instead have to sit and watch them have their hearts broken when if only they didnt put you down, they'd be your queen, your royalty, you would give them the world, but alas they only see what they want or at least what they think they want.

Looks can be deceiving, behind the mask of attractiveness lies the true culprit, lust desire and greed, emotions that can change a person from one sweet apple to one rotten corpse. Like a rose in the wind corrupt like a thorn. Even the most unlikeliest things to happen has that beauty of it coming to fruition, I hope one day I get my chance to give someone what they've been looking for, and in return what im looking for. A soulmate.