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The Credit Solution Program is a program created by entrepreneur Mike Roberts to help users strengthen their credit profile and score.

According to, their mission is twofold: to create an informational resource for their customers on credit, debt, and other personal finance issues, and secondly, to present that information in an entertaining manner that will keep your attention.

The homepage of the Credit Solution Program shows you specific examples of how “OK” credit will cost you significantly more money in fees over a period of time than having “Very Good” credit will; over a lifetime they say it can add up to several hundred thousand dollars.

Their program will help you understand the 5 factors that are used to determine your score, understand why your credit score is what it is, and how you can use your knowledge to quickly change your credit score.

The Credit Solution Program offers you a Free Starter Kit. The kit includes: a series of 6 videos that will help you improve your credit score, a set of resources, tips and Questions & Answers for each video, and the Credit Solution email newsletter.

In order to get started with your Free Starter Kit, you must first order your free credit report, so that you know what your credit score is and have the information necessary to begin to change it. links you to to order your free credit report. However, you should be aware that most free credit report websites only offer you a report for free – getting your actual score generally costs money.

In addition, the “free” credit report comes with an automatic enrollment into an identity theft protection program, that you generally must cancel within the first seven days before beginning to receive monthly charges.

So if you do not want the identity protection, make sure to cancel it in a timely manner.

If you have any experience with The Credit Solution Program or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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The Credit Solution Program Customer Reviews

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Do not sign for any credit solution company. They do nothing!
February 10, 2022

This company took out $27.00 a month for two years on my debit card. I did not register for this account. Finally disputed at the bank and they gave me the phone number to Credit solutions. Very rude people and did not offer to refund any amount of $648.00.

Run from this one - or you will get charged $27 monthly
October 6, 2021
I watched Mike Roberts presentation. I never got the free starter kit nor did I order my free credit report. I canceled right away - the same day but have been charged $27 a month on my credit card. Every time I try to call them they say the mail box is full and can't accept your info or be able to leave a message. I am thoroughly disgusted with this program. Stay away from this one if possible or you will be in a trapped position like me with no way to report these guys.

Enlighting program that will reshape your future
May 12, 2021

This is not a scam I am just lucky I found it. Mike tells you about the charges up front there were NO surprises about any charges. If you don't want to pay every month then just cancel, not a big deal. I can not believe how much I have learned in only a week. Not just from Mike but being on the 800 club FB page.

So many questions that come up that work for me as well. I have only had this for a week but I already sent my letters out and I have found so many discrepancies on my reports, I am shocked at how they get away with such horrible reporting all at our expense.

LynchDonna August 19, 2021

Very helpful. Looking forward to getting started.

Don't buy this unless you want a monthly bill every month.
January 19, 2021

I watched the lengthy video featuring the very nice Mike Roberts. I listened to every word while I carefully read the accompanying synchronized subtitles. He made his sales pitch expertly, being sure to repeat the relevant, important facts over and over.

After carefully thinking about for several minutes, I went for it and spent the $27 for the program. And then BAM! My credit card was charged $27 and then, and only then, when I got my billing confirmation, was I informed that it was going to be an ongoing, monthly charge for $27.

This is a classic "bait and switch" sales tactic and it is seriously illegal. The entire sales pitch sold me on a one-time $27 service and it wasn't until I provided credit card info and paid the bill that I was told it was going to be for every month.

Scam or innocent oversight? You be the judge.

ReneeChampine May 12, 2021

I saw the same video and there were no surprises about the charges and I completely knew about the 27 monthly charges (which you can cancel at anytime). The program works if you put work into it. I can't believe what I have learned in just a week.

Put in the work
November 10, 2016
As with any program or advise a person has to actually do something to make forward progress. The program explains simple processes for us to help ourselves. This is just 1 of many tools out there for us to reach our credit goals. As with many programs or processes what you personally put into it is what you will get out of it.

Mike Roberts October 21, 2018

Hi Scott, thanks for pointing this out. Our program only works if you work it!

Mike Roberts, Founder of The Credit Solution Program

Great Product and Customer Service
November 2, 2015

This program has helped me considerably take control of repairing my credit myself, and take a more active role in actively monitoring my reports with all three credit bureaus. I still have a long way to go, but I am thankful to have cancelled my services with an outstanding credit repair firm, and do the exact same thing they were doing myself; it has gotten me great results without the added expense I could not afford. I recommend this product to everyone wanting to clean up their credit reports.

Customer service is outstanding as well. I contacted them concerning an issue, and I got a response the same day within an hour. You cannot call customer service on the phone from another company and get results that fast. I love this program!!

Mike Roberts October 21, 2018

Hi Fannie, thanks so much for sharing your experience. Congrats on become more aware of your credit and I'm glad we could save you some money!

Mike Roberts, Founder of The Credit Solution Program

November 11, 2013
Be cautious. The credit reports which you must do first are definitely not free. You are agreeing to a subscription fee each month. If it is free then why do you need a credit card number? Come on. Just more bull to take advantage of those who really want a bit of hope.

Renee Mohead Davis September 15, 2014

It s the law that everyone can get their credit report for free but only once a year, after the one free one per year, you must pay.

Tim Trudo February 20, 2015

exactly!! that's how I received mine from all 3 bureaus

Mike Mulcahy June 06, 2015

Did you know that there are credit report sites that do not charge you for your report or score for the first time if you want to continue then yes you must pay. Also you can get a free report and score from the credit bureau once a year or if you are unemployed and looking for work or if you have applied for credit or a loan and been turned down. the credit solution is not a scam nether is the credit report you can get the report anywhere for free if you choose to continue the service of that company it is on you. In conclusion the credit solution seems to be a program that is offering information about how to manage and repair your credit score, yes this information can be obtained for free provided one knows where to look which can take a very time consuming the credit solution takes the looking out of the equation and that is what you are paying for is your time worth $ 47.00 that is the real question.

You don't need this. Use the free
October 25, 2013

You can get your credit score absolutely free, no strings attached (and they track it for you if you'd like) at They also give free advise as to how to manage and improve your credit score, and gives you tools/calculators to see how various scenarios (such as paying down credit card debt or obtaining new credit) will affect your score.

I love it-- it is extremely helpful. And you should know, everyone can get their credit reports absolutely free from each of the three credit reporting agencies yearly. Your credit report does not contain your credit score.

Christopher Cruise September 04, 2014

Make sure the score you are getting is a FICO score. Anything else is just a generic score that is not used by many lenders.

Mike Roberts October 21, 2018

Hi Wendy, Credit Karma is fine for checking your score, in fact we recommend it to our newsletter subscribers and our customers. We offer something very different for people wanting to improve their credit, and it's presented in a totally different way that many people seem to like, even if it's not for you :( . Credit Karma also gives you a lot of questionable advice to encourage you to sign up for credit cards because they are compensated by the credit card companies - keep that in mind.

Mike Roberts, Founder of The Credit Solution Program

Do you believe in magic?
July 3, 2013

It's not magic or a mystery to figure out how to keep your credit score in good standing, you don't need any videos, memberships or any other bs to help you out! Follow my easy steps to fix your own SCREW UPS...

1-Stop buying crap you can't afford just pay cash, if you don't have it then you don't deserve it! (un-train your bad habits)

2- Pay back what you owe and next time don't go over your head because you think you need it!

3- Change your lifestyle and how you treat yourself with fine dining and buying things you don't need, stop being wasteful and use secondary things until you get an education and make more money! Last but not least, Love and take care of yourself first, this includes your education, finances and well being before getting involved with someone else that will persuade you to have kids, buy a house and make you feel like you need to buy them the world....That's a SCAM!!!!

Mike Mulcahy June 06, 2015

sounds like someonet went through a divorce.

Mike Roberts October 21, 2018

I don't understand this review and have no idea why it's left under feedback for our company. It doesn't sound like this reviewer has used our program.

Mike Roberts, Founder of The Credit Solution Program

So far so good...
May 7, 2013
Don't be dumb people. There are ways to get your credit report free. gives you all three for free, once a year. This site recommends you use another site...RECOMMENDS. It does not say you HAVE to use that site to get the videos.

no email
April 17, 2013
I've entered my email twice for this program and never received anything. Wondering about it for sure

Jared C April 21, 2013

Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our website. On our home page there is a "help" link in the upper right. You can use that link to contact us through our support email and ask for someone to look into why you haven't received your free starter kit.

Jared Cohen,

Director of Customer Experience

KARY H June 20, 2013

I received the email and links to the videos. They have been informative and helpful so far. I will keep y'all posted.

April 12, 2013
First off I just looked into this a couple of days ago I enter my email address so I can receive his videos well just so happened I got a call yesterday from some woman who knew my address and my ssn who claimed I owed money to belks and demanded I give her my bank inwell I didn't! I thank God I didn't. Everyone please be careful while surfing the web you'll be surprised on what giving out your email addr ess can give access to so much of your personal info. This is a scam please stay far away from this crook!

Jared C April 21, 2013

Hi Jon,

The experience you describe is not a result of entering your email address on our website. We don't ask you for your phone number or address, so it's not possible for us to give this information to anyone. When you enter your email address on our website it is used only to email you our free starter kit and our e-newsletter. Your email address is never shared with anyone else - this is detailed in our privacy policy, and you will find a link to that in the footer section of our website.

Jared Cohen,

Director of Customer Experience

Not t July 15, 2013

Same thing happened to me after entering my email. I got a call at work from a woman stating I owed pay day loans. Time to subscribe to life lock!!!

Pure BS
March 17, 2013

Just another scam. Bait and switch.

Free credit protection program that has to be cancelled in a specific period of time. Easy way to collect credit card info.

Mary March 30, 2013

It seems to me that if you have to order a credit report from a link on their site, they have more than just your credit card info, they would have one hell of alot of info about you. I will pass.My thought is that if you can fix credit reports using his info he would not need your info because just having his info you can do it yourself using said info.

Ronald c April 10, 2013

I want to cancel the program and I didn't even finish the contract that said you cancel in a week and you wont be charged but now there is know way to find out how to cancel im calling my creditcard company today to cance[ and report them to the bbb mike better not charge me anything cause I never confirmed my membership

Jared C April 21, 2013

Our site is not a scam. We offer free educational content about credit and credit scoring when you enter your email to receive our e-newsletter. There is no fee, credit card, or trial purchase of any kind required to access the free videos on our site or our email newsletter. We do offer a full program for purchase, but there is no obligation to buy anything when you enjoy our free content.

We do not offer a "free credit protection program" or a credit report of any kind on our website. We do link out to several partner websites that may offer any number of different credit or financial services. Some of these sites offer a free trial to a credit monitoring service, with monthly billing terms that are explained to you during the sign up process. These services are not offered by us and are not billed by our company.

If you believe that you have a billing issue with a purchase that you made on our site, or if you need help with anything else, then please contact us through the help link in the upper right of our home page.

Jared Cohen,

Director of Customer Experience

Dan May 07, 2013

I actually have my credit reports that I got from You can get them free, once a year. Since I had them, there was absolutely no cost to me and so far, things seem legit. I've received emails with links to the videos, I HAVE NOT recieved calls from credit agencies saying they have my info. So far, so good. I'm excited to see the final product!!

Furthermore, I am in NO WAY associated with this website. I actually just came acrossed it today.

Trish November 12, 2013

Thanks Dan. Well said. I'm Very much interested in learning everything I can about what all the credit report people don't tell you about fixing my scores. It's such a scam the way we get trapped into the vicious cycle of years of bad credit.