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About Than Merrill Real Estate

Than Merrill Real Estate is a real estate investment company owned and operated by Than Merrill, a leader in real estate investment probably best known for his role on A&E’s popular TV show, “Flip This House.” 

How Does It Work?

According to, Than Merrill began working in real estate after retiring from a short career in the NFL and within four years was so successful and so well known in the real estate industry that he was approached by A&E to film the TV show “Flip This House.”

Than Merrill continued his real estate education success by publishing the book “The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible,” which teaches people how to profit from real estate wholesaling without any money, credit, or experience necessary to get started. It’s also described by this website as being the “ideal system for making money even in the toughest of real estate markets.”

In addition to his television show and book, Than is well known for his real estate investing education seminars and events, like the “Find and Flip Event,” as well as his full service investment course FortuneBuilders, which promises to walk people through absolutely every aspect of making money in real estate investing, even including how to do your taxes when making money this way. 

Cost/Price Plans

Access to the blog is completely free and can be visited for new and updated information articles whenever you choose. His book can be purchased for between $14 and $18, depending on the retailer from which you purchase it, and his various events and seminars will vary widely in cost. Most of them will offer free registration and initial attendance, with different subsequent costs depending on what products you choose to make. 

The FortuneBuilders educational course is likely the most expensive Than Merrill product, priced over $1,000 for the initial course and with additional opportunities for investment and product purchases.   

Refund Policy

There is no one single Refund Policy that would be applicable to all Than Merrill products, as they are offered through different third party retailers and organizations. In addition, it is much easier to return a book than it would be the information you learn from a seminar, so people who are concerned about their ability to receive a refund should contact the necessary Customer Service team before making a purchase or investment to ensure that they understand what kind of Refund, Guarantee, or Cancellation Policies apply to their purchase.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Unfortunately the Than Merrill website does not provide any contact information at this time period, so users who wish to get information regarding any particular product represented by Than Merrill should contact the organization selling or representing that product for the most up to date information. 


When evaluating Than Merrill, you’ll get a different view of him depending which of his products you are looking at. The A&E television show is much loved and his book has overwhelmingly positive reviews. His FortuneBuilders educational course has mixed reviews, with significant emphasis on the serious expense of the course, and the Find and Flip Event uncovers many different complaints. 

The good thing about Than Merrill Real Estate products is that there are so many of them. People who are considering his seminars or courses can begin with his book – it’s affordable and offers people an in depth look at how Than Merrill approaches real estate, providing you with good information you can use to choose whether or not you would like to try more products which require more significant investments. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

As it is traditionally one of the most popular ways people choose to try and build independent wealth, there are many, many different real estate investors who offer people educational resources like books, videos, courses, and seminars, including: 

•    Armando Montelongo
•    Scott Yancey
•    Millionaire Mind Intensive from T. Harv Ecker
•    Brick Buy Brick
•    Real Estate Mentoring
•    Brian Buffini and Company
•    Cody Sperber
•    Flip with Nick
•    The Flipping Formula
•    SuccessPath
•    And more.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Than Merrill Real Estate reviews below.

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