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About Tempurpedic

Tempur-Pedic is a company that designs and makes specialty memory foam mattresses that are intended to adapt to your body's unique shape, weight, and temperature to give customers the best possible night's sleep.

Tempurpedic offers a wide range of potential mattresses for their customers, including the Tempurpedic Cloud, the Temper-Choice, Temper-Weightless, and many more. They also offer additional bedding materials, like pillows, bedding, and more.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, memory foam mattresses are designed to reduce pressure points. When pressure builds up on specific parts of your body, like shoulders, hips, and heels, your body shifts and moves during sleep to relieve this pressure. This is what is referred to as "tossing and turning."

In addition, this type of material is supposed to drastically reduce the motion that is transferred between two sleepers sharing a bed, so that you and your partner won't disturb each other in the night.

Cost/Price Plans

Since Tempurpedic has a wide range of mattresses made from different types of materials with different types of features, and are available in different sizes, their products span a large price range. 

Refund Policy

Tempurpedic offers a "90 Day Try Out," where their customers can get the mattress home and set up and sleep on it for 30 days. At the end of this month long trial, customers who are unhappy with their mattress at that time can choose to return it, unless they want to take advantage of a further trial period. Final decisions must be made and the mattress must be shipped back with 90 days in order to receive your refund.

No products besides mattresses are eligible for the 90 Day Try Out, though some of their other products do have warranties that protect customers in case of defects or other problems. 

Customer Service Contact Info

You can contact Customer Service at their general telephone number, 800-821-6621, or by submitting questions or complaints directly to their website, and finally by sending them traditional mail at 1000 Tempur Way, Lexington, KY 40511.


The reviews of Tempurpedic and their mattresses are very mixed, with some vocal customers "hating" their products, and others "loving" them. This is not unusual, as people have different needs and preferences for what they hope to find in mattress.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other companies that offer specialty mattresses, like BedInABox.com, that also offers memory foam mattresses, and Sleep Number, which is a different type of custom mattress intended to improve sleep.

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