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TelexFree, available online at, is a multi level marketing business opportunity which gives its members the ability to make commissions off of the sale of VoIP telephone services.

VoIP telephone services are a new type of telephone service that is replacing traditional landline telephone services. Instead of using telephone lines, this type of communication uses the internet, which is why it is called Voice over Internet Protocol.

This type of service is exploding in popularity, with companies like, Nextiva, and Vocalocity joining TelexFree in offering these services to their customers. But TelexFree also offers a secondary service, as an independent business opportunity.

Multi level marketing business, also known as an MLM or network marketing business, is a type of business that is well known for paying its members not only for selling their products but also for recruiting new representatives to sell their products as well. 

When working with a multi level marketing company as an independent representative, it is important that you feel strongly supportive and invested in your products, because technically speaking, the sale and distribution of these products should be your main source of income.

Promoters of services have resale rights for VoIP accounts, direct commissions on the sale of plans for clients and promoters, indirect commissions for network consumption, and a virtual online office to manage your indications and gains.

Being a promoter costs the fee of being a TelexFree VoIP customer - which is $49.90 each month - as well as the cost of any additional kits and tools you may purchase from them to help you sell their services.

The services of are currently available in Brazil, where the company began, as well as the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, their services and business opportunities have been frozen in Brazil, due to accusations that their business is actually just a Ponzi scheme - a type of investment scam where the only money being made is that from the new investors getting involved, resulting in an unsustainable business. 

Because of this, new customers should think twice before becoming involved with this company either as a company or a promoter.

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