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About is an online free software download that enables you to watch television shows and videos, while even being able to socialize with friends. With an internet connection on your computer or on your smartphone device you can access it from anywhere. Its user friendly interface is easy for people of all ages to use and best of all, no registration is required and you are granted unlimited access to all its contents.

Because the program enables you to stream through the internet there is no need for a cable box, cable wiring, satellite dish or any other external hardware. Normal cable interruptions that can occur due to bad weather conditions are also circumvented because you are using the internet.

The television fanatic toolbar allows you to access your shows and videos quickly. With TelevisionFanatic you can stream over 4000 shows and over 30,000 episodes from across the world; this surpasses the number of shows than you would get with any full channel lineup cable package. These cable plans can cost a lot, but with their program, you can avoid these monthly payments.

If you know you will be somewhere without a Wi-Fi connection, you can download and save shows and videos to your computer to watch at any time. The software also comes with 1000’s of free applications to download.

The downside of freeware programs are the inherent risks that accompany downloading such programs. Many of them have been known to have embedded malware and viruses, some of which can potentially cause your computer to crash.

Online sources have mentioned the integration of a keylogger file within the toolbar download. This tracking file captures your keystrokes and can be used to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers and account passwords. Other programs are available and not all of them have viruses, so conduct research and read reviews first.

Complaints found in online reviews, from TelevisionFanatic users’, were commonly in regard to the annoying popup ads. Additionally, these users encountered computer processor issues due to the distracting ads which hindered their computer’s overall performance.

In order to remove the program, the uninstall option did not rid the hard drive of all its files. Since the TelevisionFanatic files are extracted into multiple locations on your hard drive and registry, a computer expert may need to assist you to perform a comprehensive file cleanup.

There were two mentionable positive aspects that TelevisionFanantic users discussed in online reviews; the first one being the amount of money they were able to save without costly cable bills. Second, if they missed an episode of their favorite show or forgot to record it, it was always available for them to watch with the service.

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