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Telekin is a computer with a touch screen monitor developed for consumers who are intimidated by computer technology. The touch screen monitor makes this computer easy, convenient and fun to use. It was designed for Baby Boomers and elders but is gaining popularity amongst all age groups.

The computer comes with the software already installed and is ready to use as soon as you receive it; all you need to do is connect it to the internet. Telekin has built-in features that even the newest computers don’t always have. There is video help, virus protection, email, video chat, web browsing, Wi-Fi, CD/DVD player, games, applications, and free lifetime updates.

2 Telekin systems are available; both of them include a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Telekin Touch is an 18’ touch screen; it comes with a one-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee for $699.00. Telekin Elite has the same benefits of the Telekin Touch but it has a 20” touch screen display and a larger hard drive, 500GB, it costs $999.00.

There are additional products and services you can buy with the system including extended warranties, extended online backup, additional VIP support, HP printers (compatible with the system), and a large keyboard with larger keys. Telekin can be purchased online through their site and is also available through other retailers listed on their website.

Telekin is a customized Linux platform with full graphics and touch input applications. Someone who uses a PC or a Mac may find its capabilities to be limiting while individuals who are unfamiliar and uncomfortable using a PC or Mac will embrace its simplicity.

This system uses a touchscreen technology that has captured the consumer market. The applications, software and hardware are all integrated into the system, which makes it so desirable. The best part is the rewarding experience of being able to use a computer with ease as well as a sense of accomplishment.

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