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Is the worst IT site, try using official support forums or stackoverflow and others

May11, 2013

Try not to visit this site , as most moderators here do not know anything technical. I can tell because i work here. These is how they run things.

a moderator should look to other websites to try and find a solution for a question and issue, rewrite it in own words so that no one can trace that the information already came from another site.

A contractor, even if he is not knowledgeable with with the question, is allowed to answer. If you browse the whole website, you will see that most of the solutions given are just plain dumb. here's an example:

here are the exact rules given to contractors:

Thanks for the interest.
You will be working for site when hired is an IT website where you have members asking questions and answering. You can read more about it here :

Go to the below Google docs URL select a few questions of your choice and view them. So you get an idea, what the site is about. When you are hired you will get a different set of questions.

(google docs file link)

The job is to answer these questions by research (Research means: Search for similar questions via Google and find the exact solutions and then compose a solution in OWN words)

Use this for checking your solution before posting it’s a plagiarism tool

Use this software for spellings and grammar check.

The questions in Google doc's may have 1 solution already so the 2nd solution that you provide needs to be an alternative solution to the asker.

Read the question and the first solution and then start with your research.

Mostly you will have questions with 0 solutions where your solution will be the first.

You may get questions with 0 answers and you need to answer as the first EXPERT with all possible solutions.

The solutions have to be 50+ words with more than one way to solve other than the existing answer. (If the question cannot be explained then skip and select a question where you can answer well)

Less links and more info within the site is what is needed.
Note : We need 100% in own words only and nothing should be copied from other websites.

NEVER ANSWER ILLEGAL QUESTIONS (Let me know if you find any) illegal mean's Hacking/cracking/torrents etc.



Learning and earning is possible with us

Simple steps
1. Select a question
2. Google for a solution from many websites.
3. Consolidate all possible answers and then compose the answer in own words

Please watch this
It's a must watch video on how to use the techyv Editor. This will clear lots of your questions.

Some countries YouTube is blocked in such cases use this link instead.

Get back ASAP and join a great team of clients like you.

Job is 10$ for 100 solutions

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May 11, 2013

This is an additional rule given to contractors

1. You will have to answer 100 questions with min 50+ words as one solution and go to any extent of higher words or solutions to solve one issue and answer with more than one way to solve if words are less.
2. Minimum 50+ words and well explained solution with all possibilities to solve the issue is needed to be provided.
3. Answer technically and professionally. You are an Expert and a Mentor and you have to give value to the asker’s query
4. When you are hired you will be given Google Doc's spreadsheet and you have to update that sheet so we can check any time.
5. The content should be spell checked and grammar handled.
6. Style of answering should be well written. Do not change the default font and the default font is "Verdana" Size 12
7. Have the post well formatted and no colors to be used.
8. We will give you a new User account not the one you used now. (User name: I will give the name and password when hired )
9. Payment 10$ will be done as and when 100 solutions are delivered as milestone payments via Odesk.
10. Max 7 days’ time will be given to complete 100 solutions. Extension of few days can be done as far as you work on few daily.
11. All content will be scanned by so no plagiarism should be there and if found will be deleted.
12. It’s an ongoing job. You can do one set and quit if you want. Can even work on 1,000’s of solutions.
13. Do not use your real names anywhere rather use the name we mention while hired.
14. You will be provided with questions in docs when hired and need to answer from them.
15. You need to research well and compose all answers in own words. NEVER COPY/PASTE
16. Do not assume solutions and post you need to research well and that’s very important.
17. First paste content in a word file. Fix all grammar and Spelling issues along with the use of Ginger software and then paste into the editor. Make sure the font style is not changed.
18. Do not answer any cracking/hacking questions rather let us know so we can delete the questions which are illegal.

Note: We need 100% original work that means read many sites and type/compose in own words only. Not a single sentence copied from anywhere is accepted.

You should not quit the job after hiring for min 1 set of 100. So decide before you confirm

If you cannot do original composed work then let's skip this task. As that’s very important

You are not hired yet. Confirm back so we can hire if all terms are fine. Do not answer until hired.

Change the bid to 10$ and confirm back all terms

We will increase the pay after few sets of excellent work delivered.

We strive hard to get quality content into the site and we will keep monitoring each solution to get perfection

November 27, 2013

Techyv has everal ads for freelancers on oDesk. Yes looking for perfect English, when the person placing the ad has English skills that are not up to par . Of course a sample qustion is requested to "test" your skill. Of course it is rejected for some stupid reason like puctuation, which for me was perfect. The qustion was most likely recycled and the person posting the ad was given credit. My opinion techyv sux!

December 26, 2013

I love techyv they are the best. The reason for me to take time and post a comment here is because you need to have skills to answer an IT question. Not all can do it and when you get rejected from being hired your ego hurts which in turn gets such reviews posted by ones who failed the test.

I am a volunteer posting answers and the questions are too interesting to resist from being solved.

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Franky Small

I love Techyv!

April5, 2013

Great site for any IT issues. I recently had a server overload error. I could not figure it out. I posted a querie on Techyv and receive all kinds of solutions. anyways problem ended up being caused by me adding a new program to my servers.

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TechyV is a scumbag

March8, 2013

These poeple making reviews are paid reviewers. They get these people from outsource markets, ask for outside work, promised to pay, but did not pay.

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Good IT Site...

March10, 2012 is a website that contains news about IT, such as hardware, software, and the latest developments. Based on my experience using this website, I get a lot of interesting info that can be used to buy a new gadget.

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Allen Hill
February 20, 2013

It is just a revolutionary IT site. is the most dependable site I have ever found. I was suffering from a IT related problem for a long time. I have searched here and there for something useful suggestions or tips to fix up my problem. At last I have found the site and found here my desired solution. I am so happy to discover such a IT related site where I can find everything everything about information technology.

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