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About Teachable.com

You have skills and experiences. Whether you think so or not, those skills and experiences are valuable. So why aren’t you sharing them with others?

Likely, you haven’t learned how to create a course online because the idea of launching a website for sharing your knowledge in another digital form is incredibly daunting. However, you don’t need to have a background as a computer programmer or any fancy technical certifications to share your knowledge.

You just need the right tools to get you started.

What if there was an app that would allow you to create your own courses to share with others?

There is, and it’s called Teachable.

If you’re wondering, “how does Teachable work?” or “is Teachable.com legit?” don’t worry. You've Come to the right place.

What Is It?

With more than 83,000 instructors, 257 active courses, and 23 million students, the site offers one of the best platforms for regular folks who want to share their knowledge with others. This app does all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on creating courses and sharing your knowledge.

With this platform, you can do just about everything you could on your own, but with technical know-how required. You can offer full curriculums and previews, sell courses, and provide easy sign-up for your students.

Set up is easy and just takes a few clicks to get a fully functioning school with payment gateways, learning management, and sales and marketing tools. You’ll love the virtual classroom experience that Teachable offers, and you’ll also like how you get a professional website that’s pre-programmed and ready to go for you  - but with the option to customize various features if you so choose.

You can get a free plan in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is insert your email and the name of your school with no payment information required.then, you can upload audio, videos, presentations, text, and images. You can create quizzes and open discussion forums in a snap. You’ll be able to apply your own branding to the school, too, to help truly make it your own.  You will even get access to a comment and email system.

With Teachable, you can even bundle courses. This will let you sell multiple courses together at one price. Usually, they are discounted from the combined price of the individual unique sales to drive up your overall course sales.

Cost and Price Plans

The company has several paid plans to help you get started. You can be billed on either a monthly or annual basis.

The most basic plan starts at just $29 per month, billed once a year. This plan includes all basic features of the free trial, but also includes the option to enroll unlimited students with transaction fees of only 5%. You’ll get instant payouts and can add two admin-level users. You’ll get extensive product support and training, along with custom domain support.

With this basic plan, you can also add coupon codes and drip course content, along with third-party integrations and integrated email marketing.

The next step up from the basic plan is the professional plan. This plan is one of the most popular, and it is billed at 99 per month, billed once per year. With this plan, you’ll get everything in the basic plan plus the ability to add five admin-level users and no transaction fees. You can get the ability to automatically grade your quizzes along with advanced reports, an unbranded website, and course compliance.

With the professional plan, you’ll also be able to add course completion certificates and integrated affiliate marketing, too.

The final option is the business plan. This plan offers the best of the best that Teachable has to offer and is billed at $249 per month, billed once per year. You’ll get everything from the basic and professional plans, plus the ability to add 20 admin-level users and priority product support. You can manually import students and handle bulk student enrollments. Plus, you can create custom user roles and engage in advanced theme customization.

This plan also offers group coaching calls. With all plants, you’ll get unlimited hosting, courses, and video, along with integrated payment processing and student management. You can create basic quizzes and lecture comments and you’ll enjoy zero fees on free courses.

You’ll get paid with Teachable on a daily basis or based on your selected payout model.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you’re creating your own courses online, you will have a few options as to how to go about this. You can, of course, build your own website. This requires a bit of technical know-how, though, and can be incredibly time-consuming. Otherwise, you might want to use some course creation software like Teachable.

But Teachable isn’t the only player in the game. Another option for you to consider is Thinkific.

Thinkific is similar to Teachable in its course creation features. However, when most customers are comparing Teachable vs. Thinkific, the main difference is that Thinkific has superior customization and site design tools. If the appearance of your course is what matters most to you, Thinkific is the way to go.

That said, Teachable is known to have better features for sales and marketing, so if that’s where you’re lacking, you might want to opt for the latter. Both are similarly priced and offer similar features in terms of course creation.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

There are plenty of reasons to give Teachable a try, many of which are echoed in the thousands of satisfied customer reviews. Users love how user-friendly the website builder is, especially when it comes to its user interface. You can design a homepage, sales page, and lecture to fit your specific needs, with no cookie-cutter approach required (but also no technical skills needed, either).

The platform is fully optimized for both mobile and web users. Because of this, your students will receive a consistently engaging experience regardless of whether they are learning via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Not sure where to start? They offer a helpful quick start webinar that will show you exactly what you need to do to set up your own course. Customers also like that there are no setup fees so you can launch your school for free to see if you like it.

Customer Service

Have you given them a try and decided that it’s not the right fit for you? Not a problem. You can easily cancel your plan at any time. You won’t be locked into a lengthy contract. You’ll own all of your own data and your domain name, so you can build your own website or use another service if you decide to cancel.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up to use the platform by visiting the course creation website.

Is It Worth It?

There’s no better way to make money than to capitalize on your own resources. After all, your knowledge is something that will never go away, and it’s something that nobody can ever take away from you.

Why not make the most of your experiences and skills by launching and selling a course? Teachable offers teachers all over the world a way to market their skills. You can get started for free, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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