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TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight
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The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight, found online at, is a new product that describes itself as a tactical flashlight with military grade strength that can be used as an important safety tool.

How Does It Work?

According to the Tactical Ignite, which is promoting this product, most Americans are not properly prepared for issues with their own safety because they do not own a proper flashlight.

Though most people feel as though a basic flashlight from their corner store is “good enough,” this website says that a high powered tactical flashlight is actually necessary to take the best care of themselves and their loved ones. 

The reality is that tactical flashlights are used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, and U.S. Search and Rescue because they are the most powerful and the most useful in a crisis.

For example, someone whose car has broken down on the side of the road could use a tactical flashlight to signal for help. 

The website even goes so far to say that the TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight has a strobe feature which is designed to blind attackers and leave them disoriented, so that the owner of the flashlight can get away safely without needing to engage in any physical attack.

Tactical Ignite says that so many people are learning the importance of these flashlights that they have become difficult to keep in stock. 

Cost & Price Plans

The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight is currently available for $56, which they quote as being 75% off the normal retail price of $224.00.

Unfortunately the website does not provide any information on how long this promotion will last and when they will return to normal retail pricing.  

Refund Policy

This website does offer their customers a published Terms & Conditions with a brief explanation of their Return & Refund Policy, though the website simply says that customers hoping to return their purchase will need to contact Customer Service by either phone or email with their name, their address of delivery, and the reason why they wish to return their product.

Returns must be made within the first 30 days of the date of purchase in order to be considered, but even returns made within the required time period will still be handled on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee that your request will be honored.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-616-3515 or by email at [email protected]


Unfortunately this product has very few customer reviews available at this time, making it difficult for prospective customers to know whether or not they would like to purchase this product from this website.

However, of the few reviews which are available, there are certainly some extremely poor reviews that should give potential customers cause for concern.

In general, there is more than one “tactical” flashlight being sold online for 75% off the retail price and customers who order them are finding out that they are getting basic, cheap, standard flashlights constructed in China and advertised as though they are military grade quality. 

The fact that this website provides almost no information on their pricing structure and doesn’t provide a clear to follow policy for returns and refunds is just another sign that customers should stay far away.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are many other of these flashlights available on the market, like the T2000 Tactical Flashlight,  and Lumitact G700, as well as local stores which sell tactical grade flashlights for customers who are interested in purchasing that kind of product.

Customers who are unhappy with this product should be able to find an alternative that better meets their needs.   

If you have any experience with TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight, please leave your reviews below.

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TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight Customer Reviews

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October 10, 2019
they said it was 10,000 lumens could blind an attacker. they sent a $5.00 flashlight with no batteries. has only 1200 lumens totally lied about the product. I'm pissed as hell!!! TOTAL SCAM i rate this flashlight at 1 only because it does work. had to give it a 1 for my review to submit.

Misleading Website
August 28, 2019
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Tried to order the safety discs. Buy 5 get 7 free for $10 each. Receipt after check out shows that the price is $108 for the 5 and get 7 free. Math doesn't work for $10 each. Called to cancel and was told too late the credit card had been charged. Offered battery packs and other discounts, but nothing that got the price down to $10 each. Units do not come with batteries which is not specified one way or the other on the website. After clicking to complete order multiple pages come up that urge you to buy more of their products to add to the order. Shocked to think what the final receipt would have been had I added other items. Misleading to cost and product. Will be reversing the charge via my credit card company.

TeresaBlair October 10, 2019

just got my 2 flashlights. they are basic flashlights . they are nothing like the flashlight i ordered. supposed to blind an attacker with 10,000 lumens. they sent one with 1200 lumens. no batteries either. DO NOT BUY!!! i paid $30. each and got a $5.00 product.

Flashlights that produce 1200 lumens are all over the place
December 21, 2018
Nothing magical here as this is just a cheap off-shore aluminum flashlight with a raw CREE LED. Just search the web for a "1200 lumen flashlight using CREE LED" and you'll find soooooo many to choose from. In fact, Amazon has a 2-Pack of even brighter 1600 Lumen flashlights (look for model Wsiiroon XML-T6) for $17 right now with free shipping!

Totally Misleading
October 2, 2018
I ordered their buy 3 get 2 for free offer plus 1 in case with charger, case etc. That is six flashlights. I received 5 only including the one in the case. You don't get any free either that is totally misleading, I was charged for 5 at their "special" price. They are not concerned at all about your complaints as they have your money. I do not consider them to be a reputable company to deal with. They have not responded to emails from me either. Just a bunch of smart crooks in my view. The flashlights themselves are pretty good but way overpriced. Save your money and buy elsewhere.

Tatevik Revazian November 06, 2019

I paid more than 100 USD on 27-08-2019, it's 06-11-2019, no sight of the products. Then I receive an email stating that the delivery company didn't recognize my address, which is completely correct. The company claims they have no responsibility in delivering - so they basically don't care that I have paid for a product, but not received. I am so taking them to court, if they don't find a solution.

I love these flashlights
April 7, 2018

I bought these online straight from their website and I am very happy that I made this purchase, although initially I was hit with an unexpected "surprise". I chose the buy two get one free deal and thought that my bill would come to $78, since they were listed for $39 a piece, a huge discount. Well, I was billed $117. I called customer service immediately and was close to demanding that they cancel my order and issue a refund. I was close to blowing my top, the representative explained that I was getting the deal, although it didn't make a lot of sense. I told the rep that it's very misleading and quite unfair to be charged prior to being able to review the order. I then asked to cancel the order and she offered to add 3 sets of rechargable batteries and 3 chargers for free, they're $30 a set so I gave in and let the order stand. I did receive 3 flashlights, 3 2-packs of batteries and 3 chargers. They all work great and are of very good quality. I can't believe how bright this flashlight is. The beam goes incredibly far and would easily light up 2 to 3 football fields. I don't understand the crappy reviews, maybe your flashlights suck because you're using 3 little AAA batteries rather than the single, larger, rechargable battery? These lights are amazing and I plan on buying some more to give as gifts. They can be used for self defense as well as many emergency situations, the SOS setting is also a nice feature. It's worth buying, for sure.

Scott Stone May 23, 2018

I think this is one of those automated reviews by the company since all the other reviews are very negative about the product.

March 24, 2018


January 7, 2018
Thanks for the Review and the comments. I thought this is a high Quality product but you made me question it. I think that about this product everybody has a different opinion. A lot of People who say that it is good, but also a lot of People who say that it is scam. I also read some positive reviews at campingstuffreviews. I think that this guy is writing BS just to make some Money and the best way is to buy a different flashlight.

RobertBoyles February 01, 2018

Just want to know one thing. Has anyone received the 1TAC Rechargeable Battery, Car & Wall Charger, Holster, and Case as shown in their video. The answer is NO unless you paid for the single flashlight at nearly $100.

However, I do not find that disclaimer anywhere on their site. They talk about the light only and never refer to the content of the video.

If you want a good flashlight as they represent, go to your local hardware store and get if for a lot less than their bargain specials. Plus if something is wrong with it, you will have a source to work with making things right with it. Not something this company seems to give a damn about once the merchandise is out the door.

If it sounds to good to be true, there is probably a good chance that it’s smoke and mirrors and your hard earned money.

NOT made in America, they LIED!
January 4, 2018

I only like to buy things made in America, I called the company and they promised me it was, well the box says made in china!

and it is just like any flash light, it is not extra bright at all

DarlaSwisher December 01, 2019

What kind of battery is the best? i bought these for my grandchildren to be safe. So i figured BatteryPlus store would be great to buy rechargeable best quality batteries. Any help i would appreciate advice. God Bless

January 2, 2018
Companies like this are disgusting. I was interested in this product because of what was blatantly advertised as a "Buy 3, get 3 free offer". It still would have cost me roughly $80 for 6 flashlights, but it seemed reasonable, given what the product claims to do. The purchase process is as follows...1. Select your "deal". 2. Enter all of your payment and billing information. 3. click the "Yes! Send me my tc1200" tab which will "Agree" to their terms before you get to review your order... The problem is that you will not realize you don't get to review the order until they've already charged your card. You'll click on the "Yes!" button and will then be bombarded, no exaggeration, with second, third, fourth. fifth offers and accessories, etc. If you decline all of the offers to spend more money, as I did, the next thing you know , you'll be looking at a purchase confirmation of $147.95....for 6 flashlights. What you don't directly see as your declining offers is (I can only assume because I didn't see it) some fine print that states if you don't accept an additional offer, you don't get the original buy 3, get 3 you thought you were signing up for. I'm sure they have all the legalities worked out and when I inevitably call to return the product, they'll jerk me around for a frustrating amount of time while explaining that, if I would have read every small detail, I would have understood that they were taking full advantage of a trusting consumer. If I'm lucky, I'll get a portion of my money back before they accept my return. This could be the best flashlight on Earth and I would never give them a dime because of their dishonest weaseling. If you have a good product, than garbage, misleading, slight of hand, business like this shouldn't be necessary.

December 27, 2017
I would just go to Lowe’s or any hardware store to purchase a flashlight. Not only will you find one that is cheaper and just as bright, but you will also have a place that cares about their reputation and will take care of you if your not happy with your purchase. I have 5 pieces of garbage sitting in a box waiting to be returned, but can’t seem to get anybody to answer my emails about how to get a refund. I have done some research about 1tac and found they are fraudulent and have scammed many people. I have learned my lesson and will do research on a company prior to doing any business again. I wish they were local so I could deal with them in person. Would love to know how to start a class action law suite against them.

Martin Tyler March 29, 2018

The flashlights that this company sells are virtually identical to what many others sell at a much much cheaper price, the only difference is that they have their name on it, save your money, you can buy the same thing in stores or through Amazon, don't get ripped off!

Expensive piece of worthless
December 1, 2017

Not even as bright as regular led flashlight. The adjustable beam is nothing to brag about.

It’s basically just your typical check out lane flashlight with a much higher price. Read terms carefully......... the company does not offer refunds and are rude!

Buyer Beware
November 27, 2017

All I wanted was a good quality, bright flashlight. When I saw the sale offer of “buy 2, get 2 free” I thought, what a great Xmas stocking stuffer. That’s when all the problems started. I was charged for every light plus a handling fee, but the shipping was free. When I saw the charge I called immediately & canceled the order due to false advertising. (Won’t get into the ridiculous explanation) I was told the charge would be reversed & a credit would appear in my account in 7 to 10 working days. I have yet to see the $119.95, I’m unable to get thru to anyone on the phone & none of my messages have been replied to. I’m surprised I got a live person on the phone the day I placed the order, maybe my number is on a ‘do not respond list’ since I canceled the order.

In my opinion 1Tac is a bunch of thieves, their advertising is deceptive to lure you in & their customer service doesn’t exist if there’s a problem. Great business people!!

I had all the problems expressed in the other reviews, lucky me.


My Experience
June 5, 2017
I don't know why there is so much negativity. I got these lights in their last sale and love them! They are super bright and after a little research I found out there are a lot of fakes out there using lower quality LEDs that are giving the TC1200 a bad rap. Try it out for yourselves like I did and you will love them as much as i do

JimSchmidt November 16, 2017

My lens cover came off the ditat time I used it. Spend more and her a quality product.

It appears the reviewer is reviewing a web page and not the product t.

Ken Vonheise November 19, 2017

I really like these and I now own 6 of these type flashlights with the 18650 battery as they are extremely bright, however I replaced the batteries with the 6000mAh ones which last even longer and may be a bit brighter. The lens is held in my a screw cap which will work loose if you carry one in your pocket like I do. I put a bit of locktite on mine, however it wasn't really a problem even without that, I just tightened it when it happened..

Ken Vonheise November 19, 2017

Mine lens cover came off too so I put some Locktite on it and no more problems. It screws on and I probably could have tightened it more and not needed the locktite. I carry one of the now 6 that I own as they are by far the best I have ever had. I get mine thru Amazon because they stand behind their products if one has a problem. I also replaced the original 18650 battery with a 6000mAh battery which lasts longer yet, and makes it a bit brighter. The brand on mine are Luxpower I believe. I like the way one can zoom the circle of light to change the area lit. Great light for 10 bucks.

January 5, 2017

I ordered a flashlight and kit on December 16 they took my $94 the next day but 20 days later I am still waiting to receive my product. Attempted to call but was on hold over 30 minutes. Emailed customer service and was told to wait up to 24 hours for a response - it's been over 48 hours. I think I'm out $94 - A hard lesson learned.

Anybody there!!!!!!!!
December 5, 2016
is anybody at the customer service number??? I've placed an order and I'm trying to get a hold of someone there to see why my order hasn't arrived, but the phone rings about 3 times and than you're disconnected. I must have called about half a dozen times and i't always the same, no one pick up the phone!!!!

one star, because I couldn't give less
December 4, 2016

This is a $10 (at most) Chinese pile of crap.

It is a decent flashlight for $10.... but not a penny more.

They quote a retail price of over $200? LOLOLOLO

I can get a TM16 (Nitecore Tiny Monster) for that price, and it is an ACTUAL 3600 lm lite of high quality

This is apprx. 230 lumens of Chinese garbage. Don't fall for it.

These are scammers and liars an should be put right out of business.

DonHumes Sr. January 19, 2018

why is company not being sued for frauld selling chinese ?


Calling Customer service is like watching paint dry
December 3, 2016
I have currently been on hold for just over an hour waiting for any human to respond to cancel my order. This, plus not having the ability to review our order before submitting, should be notice to the rest of you to stay clear.

Look for another light from a reputable company
November 28, 2016

1TAC deleted my post about my negative experience with them during a flashlight purchase. Be careful, I might suggest your look for another company to do business with. Just my feedback/warning about my experience if you are interested. Thanks

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight/1TAC
October 21, 2016

I wish that would have checked a bit more about this site and the product. Now I'm stuck with them and with continue to do battle until I get some form of satisfaction.

Buyers Be Wear. Scam Scam

Bought 3 get 2 free...NOT charged for all 5 for 145.00
October 20, 2016
NO WAY 1200 Lums. I have a lux pro sold by Lowes which is 480 lums and it is brighter and shines further then 1tac. Have a friend who bought the bell Howell off tv and its the same light with different silk screening fo 19.00 each. We put fully charges 3.7 volt 2200olms batteries in both and they are the same. My lux pro blinds both of them out. I say 400 lums max. NOT WORTH THE PRICE.