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Tax preparation and filing can all be completed with’s online tax services. They offer 3 service options accommodating customers who have simple returns to prepare and for those who have more specific filing needs.

The first option is the Free Edition which allows you to prepare and file free federal income taxes. The option to file state taxes is available through this edition for $17.90. The next step up is the Classic Edition; it includes all of the features of the Free Edition with the added capability of accessing tax information from prior years. The price of this version costs $9.95 for federal filing and an additional $9.95 for state filing.

The Premium Edition has the highest level of capabilities; in addition to the features found in the Free and Classic Editions, this edition also gives clients priority phone support and tax audit assistance. The cost to file federal returns, using this edition, is $29.95 plus $9.95 for each state tax filing.

With a simple search in the designated “knowledgebase” section, you can locate the answer for just about any tax question. New tax filers or those who need a “refresher course” can watch an online demo video in order to learn more about the tax filing process using

When new life changes occur, sometimes additional documents and forms must be filed along with the standard federal and state forms.’s life event questionnaire is a great way to discover which forms you may need, and furthermore, any possible tax credits you may qualify for.

When comparing this program to one of its competitors, TurboTax, the services in which they provide are the same and they are both promoted by the IRS, but the overall approach and user tools are different.

TurboTax is the more expensive option, between the two, but it also has more capabilities. For those whom have to file more complex returns, their needs may require the extensive processes this program is equipped to handle. is better suited for individuals who have to prepare basic Federal and State Returns and doesn’t require much time to do so with their easy to follow format and design.

There are some complaints posted online about’s services. Filers have had their taxes rejected while submitting them through their site and consequently were also unable to reach a customer service representative for assistance.  Other clients who submitted their tax returns through’s website were surprisingly notified, post-deadline and some even years later, their tax returns were never received and were then responsible for paying the penalties and fees.

Usually simple tax preparation and filing is easy and can be completed for free or a minimal fee. For anyone who has circumstances that are unique in nature, a tax accountant may be your best bet. If you are familiar with preparing complex tax filings, using a highly developed online tax service with customer support will likely be sufficient enough for you.  More resources and assistance regarding filing your own taxes can be found directly on the IRS website.

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