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About is the online home of TaxHawk, a company which makes automated software that people can download to help them prepare your tax returns, including the ability to do your federal taxes for free.

Computer automated software that helps people do their taxes at home on their own is one of the most popular and competitive products available at this time of year, with companies like TaxHawk, TurboTax, and all fighting for your business.

This type of software, regardless of the maker, promises to track all the necessary tax credits that people wish to claim, like home and child credits, investments, small business income, and more. is no different, offering all of these same features as well as the ability to let their customers prepare, print, and e-file their taxes for free. Unfortunately, TaxHawk only actually allows you to prepare and file your federal taxes for free.

To file your state taxes using this software will cost you a flat fee of $12.95. And for an extra $5.95, you can upgrade from their basic software to a deluxe edition, for both sets of taxes.

In addition to their software using simple step by step questions and instructions to take you through your tax preparation, if you upgrade you will also get access to priority support, an audit assist, and unlimited amended returns. says that all returns come with a 100% accuracy guarantee, your returns will be safe and secure, and all customers will have access to free customer support, even if they choose not to upgrade.

After you become a registered user, you will receive access to their customer service phone number. Before then, all questions you have must be submitted via their website.
This software also comes with a guarantee that if you are assessed any penalties due to a calculation error in their software, they will pay all interest or penalties that accrue as a result.

If you have any experience with their software, please leave your reviews below.

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