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The stress of tax season and never-ending confusion of how one should prepare their taxes each year can now be tackled with easy to use tax preparation programs. was created to make the process of preparing and filing taxes as simple as possible. They sell software products and they have various web-based versions as well.

To accommodate users they have two ways to enter in data for the initial part of the tax preparation setup. One method is formatted like an interview the other method is the forms-based entry method. If any entries are incorrect, the alert system built into the program will prompt you upon any such issue.

The line of products include numerous options to meet each individuals needs based on their required tax returns. The options are:

Online Free Federal Edition: includes one federal tax return + $14.95 for each state tax return.
Online Deluxe: $9.95 for federal tax return + $8 for each state tax return. 
Online Ultimate Bundle: $17.95 for federal and one state tax return. 
Desktop Software Free Edition: includes one federal tax return. 
Desktop software Deluxe: $12.95 for federal tax return, extra $13.95 for each state tax return.
Desktop software Ultimate: $21.95 for federal and one state tax return.
Professionals who prepare taxes for others can purchase a special software program bundle which costs $579.00. This professional product enables tax accountants to prepare, print and submit e-filings for 1040 federal and state returns for as many clients as they have.
While is considered one of the top tax preparation programs, there are mixed reviews online pertaining to their product as well as their filing services. The positive side of these reviews showed that users found the web-based version easy to use and valued the tools and resources provided.
Some customers complained that they were unable to get in contact with customer service. The phone number on their site did not connect them to the support agents. Phone numbers to reach a live person can be found by conducting an online search. Customers also found the numerous “options to upgrade” pop-ups distracting.
Compared to other tax preparation companies, seemed to offer the best service for a simple filing, one that did not require help from their support staff. In addition, customers found the prices reasonable for some of their products.
When comparing to its main competitor, TurboTax, people using felt that the process was rather lengthy. TurboTax was the more expensive product but it offered more support services and resources for their users which made it worth the additional money.
Search for different options before using an online tax program or purchasing a tax preparation software program. If you plan on submitting your filing through the site, be sure to submit them early enough to ensure it is filed in a timely manner. Should any problems with your filings suddenly arise, it will allow you time to rectify the situation.

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Total BS

April6, 2019

So, filing a simple return, I get to the end and suddenly Ii "need" an upgrade to "Deluxe", because I have dividend income of less than $200.00????
Total bait and switch...called "support"...might as well have gone outside and shouted at the moon. Use at your own risk...I shut it down and went to a different provider.

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