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About TattooMeNow, home of the tattoo membership website TattooMeNow, claims that they are the “quickest and easiest way to find your dream tattoo” with their extensive library of both tattoo designs and resources.

According to their website, TattooMeNow offers over eight thousand different tattoo designs and tattoo photos, and is home to over sixty thousand members. They work hard to be a place for people who “love getting inked” and are looking for inspiration for future tattoos.

TattooMeNow allows its members the ability to browse their library of tattoo designs and images, print one out, and bring it to the tattoo artist of their choice. They claim they offer high resolution images that are very detail oriented and are often much higher resolution than your actual tattoo artist will require.

You can also bookmark your favorite tattoos as you search, so you can come back later to look at them as many times as you need to make a decision. TattooMeNow also gives you the ability to combine two or more tattoos into one composite design. also offers their members a directory of tattoo studios and artists near their location, as well as a variety of forums they can participate in with other members, and videos of tattoos being done so you can see different experiences.

And when you become a member you will also receive two different guides to choosing the right tattoo for you and how to know if you you’ll love a tattoo forever. TattooMeNow says these guides are important, because one in three people dislike their tattoos.

If you wish to become a member of TattooMeNow, it costs $27.00 for a one year membership and just $10.00 more for a total of $37.00 to be a lifetime member. 

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