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August 30, 2019

I have no idea why the reviews are so low! I LOVE this company. I do have to mention that all wines have a complex flavor. If you order the same type of wine from different parts of the globe, they are bound to taste different since the grapes are fueled by their environment and surroundings.

First you order a tasting kit and you do a survey while you do the tasting kit. Simple right? It turns out I’m not a huge ran of red wine yet I used to force it down when I went out to dinner... who knew?! Since I’ve done the survey, most of my wines have been white and I’ve really enjoyed them! Occasionally I do get a bottle of wine I’m not a huge fan of, but honestly, it’s not the company's fault. You sign up for something like this to try new wines and hopefully “broaden your horizons” about wine. The occasional disliked bottle is part of the process. If you loved all the bottles, then why are you using this site? Just go to the store and buy wines because you clearly like them all.

I’ve had one major issue with the shipment of wine. My most recent order was damaged in transit and I was actually quite upset about it. I always look forward to trying the new wines. However, tastingroom.com emailed me about my shipment being damaged before I even had to contact them. They explained what had happened and refunded me for that shipment WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING! Talk about a company with integrity. I was so impressed. They then offered to resend the package if I still wanted the wine which I believe was super thoughtful of them.

Honestly, TRY THEM OUT! You won’t be disappointed!

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020

Seriously, this is the worst customer service I have ever received. Once they get you in this you are stuck. Tried to cancel this auto delivery since December. The company would not cancel my service. The first year was a good experience until they started duplicating the wine and putting a different label on it. For the price of their wines you can get wine from Biltmore for a couple dollars more. Don't get trapped in this scam. I spent $170 a quarter for two years Couldn't cancel this service so I had to become irate. Called Friday March 6 had to push 1 so I can pretend I wanted the service, . Spoke to a person who I wouldn't give the compliment of being a man Was very rude. He told me that my wine was cancelled on March 2nd. This should have been cancelled in December. Gave me an excuse that they sent me links on what I had to do to cancel the delivery. I never got those links. I have called, I have emailed trying to cancel this service. Read the reviews in which I had and see how hard it is to cancel this service. Yes, agree the first year the wine did seem to be desire able. Noticed later on duplicate wine with different labels. A couple bottles were bitter as well. Good luck hope you will get better service .

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Do not use this!!!! You are still a babe in this matter. Wait till you try to cancel.

Tasting Room is a Virus you cannot get rid of!
April 14, 2019
I have emailed them 7 times now over 18 months cancelling the account and yet every two months I get that shipment of wine and get charged for it. Do not sign up with these people. I am referring my problem with being unable to close this account to the Attorney General of my state.

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020


August 6, 2018
Sounded like a great thing. Joined I think for $6. for a sampler. The wines were all bad, I couldn't even finish them or rate them, then they automatically want to ship 6 bottles to you, for about $20 each. Luckily I logged in just in time to change it to 2 bottles to try them. Both were awful, cheap wine screw cap and a plastic cork. Tried to cancel, was ignored, was sent another shipment. Sending it back for a credit, hopefully will be credited! I'd rather drink "2 buck chuck!"

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020


Tasting Room SCAM
June 25, 2018

No, It does not work that way!

I signed in because they stated they would send me "Free" samples.

The "Free" samples cost $10.77. (they are only 50ml each, not enough to make a decision)

However, they wanted me to sign in to PayPal. 4 weeks later they sent a case of wine that I did NOT WANT! If you try to return the shipment they will charge you for "Restocking and their shipping"

So you'll be out over half of the cost. Total cost was $184.00. over $15 a bottle.

Some of their wine is just ok, but I do not like white wine!

Most of it is CHEAP WINE!!! With plastic corks.

They must get great deals on wine that won't sell.

White wine should be consumed within 2 yrs of vintage.

If you buy a bottle of Chardonnay 1956 you are a FOOL!

Do not do business with these people!

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020


February 16, 2018

I read an article that lead me to an offer for a $7 wine-tasting experience that would be shipped to my door. Thinking this would be a fun and innocent experience, I signed right up with Tasting Room. Thinking it would be just like all other hundreds of online stores and services I've used over the years, I thought nothing of it, quickly running through the purchase process.

I got my little box of wine samplers in the mail a few days later. It came with instructions to visit their website to rate the wines they sent as you tasted them, so they could customize your 'taste profile' and recommend wines to you based on this profile. So, I followed the instructions, and my husband and I tasted and rated the wines. I really didn't care for any of them, but it was a fun experience at the time. When I finished my taste profile setup, I was directed to a page that showed me my wine preferences and on the top it showed their services. These services involved sending full bottles of wine based on your preferences; the options were how many bottles you would receive in the mail, and their corresponding prices. Unfortunately, the prices were too high for me, so I exited the page, thinking that was the end of it.

The next day, I received notification of a charge for $180 from Tasting Room. It seems they had automatically signed me up for their most expensive wine shipment service. I immediately e-mailed them to cancel this order. I did not receive a response all day, and later, I received notification that the order had shipped. I e-mailed them again, and this time a representative immediately responded that they could not cancel the order because it had already shipped. They told me I could reject the package and I would be refunded, except for the shipping and a return fee of $15 would be charged.

Considering I had no idea I was signing up for a recurring payment, and I did not request or select this order, I did not feel that I should have to pay a cent. I respectfully asked they refund the shipping charge and waive the $15 return fee. They refused, saying that I had agreed to this order by accepting their terms of service. I informed them that if they had responded to my first e-mail that morning as timely as they had responded to my second e-mail, they could have cancelled the order before it shipped, thus this mistake was on them and they should cover the fees. They refused, continuing to throw their supposed policies at my face. I believe they intentionally ignored my first e-mail until the order had shipped, so they had an excuse to say they could not cancel my order and take my money in fees.

Naturally I went online, and discovered countless people had experienced this exact same thing. They received orders they did not ask for, the cancellation of membership process was difficult, and customer service was stubborn and impossible to deal with. As I tried to negotiate with customer service, they repeatedly told me that their policies were clearly stated and evident, and that I had agreed to them. While I'm sure these policies were stated in fine print, the fact that so many people failed to recognize what they had signed up for makes it evident that their policies were not clearly stated. That many people don’t miss something that is supposedly obvious.

I have come to believe that this company thrives on people being ignorant of what they are signing up for. This is not a respectable business practice and I truly believe people need to be warned before they give this sketchy, fraudulent company their payment information. I wish I had done my research before purchasing that sampler, so I wouldn’t be $35 short for nothing.

VickiGoble March 26, 2018

THANK YOU!! I thought it would be a fun experience so am very grateful to you for saving me the disappointment & aggravation of dealing with a rip-off!

StaceyYoumans March 25, 2019

They did the EXACT same thing to me when I sent them the first email. By the time they got back to me wouldn't you know it was just too late for them to cancel the shipment because it was already shipped. Wonder if they will issue my credit immediately as stated "clearly". Because it says that very clearly in the return section. They make it sound like this is such a painless process. Yeah, right! These people are crooks!!!!!!

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020

This is a horrible company

Watch out
May 21, 2017

The marketing and customer service for this club is quite suspect. They send you a sample kit (you pay for it of course) and then they are supposed to take that feedback and 'recommend' a tailored case of wine. THAT WAS THE PRIMARY REASON I SIGNED UP FOR THIS CLUB.

HOWEVER, if you don't fill in the feedback within a couple weeks they ship you a case of wine without your consent! Why wouldn't they call or send an email???

When I contacted cust service to tell them that they didn't use my taste feedback they pointed me to the fine print and essentially said better luck next time. They would not take the case back nor would they offer a discount for the unwanted bottles. Convinced that they would use the fine print every chance they get I quit the club. I'd be surprised if they stay in business with this kind of customer service.

KathleenGilroy June 04, 2018

Don't use this service. I received the initial kit and then called to cancel my account. The Tasting Room had already shipped me a case of wine that I did not want and did not order. The person on the phone was extremely rude and claimed there was no documentation of my cancellation, even though you have to phone to cancel, rather than cancel on the web site.

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020

Same thing

Kathy langston Alley March 07, 2020

Then the butt I spoke to on March 6 was so rude told me I was t going through the right channels to cancel. Took my money for two years and found it completely impossible to cancel. Oh this is a horrible horrible thing to join. Don't get caught up.

Tasting Room Wine Club SCAM - Buyer Beware!
May 19, 2017
This would be zero stars if allowed. I signed up for a promotional kit to taste their offerings. The way it's presented is once you get your kit, you log in and tell them what you like and they send you a box of wine with those kinds of wine profiles. What actually happens is you unknowingly sign up for their wine club where they can RIP YOU OFF. Without completing the sample tasting, I received a case of wine in the mail, which had no shipping info, no package slip, nothing. I didn't know where it was from, if it was a gift, etc. I certainly did NOT sign up for their wine club - except if you read the sneaky hidden fine print. They *in no way* make it clear that you are asking them to send you - with or without your "wine profile" - a $170 box of mediocre wine. I complained and they send me a return shipping label but did NOT refund all my money. The customer service rep was belligerent and told me they would not refund me in full, claiming they already paid for shipping both ways. So what? You scam artists sent me a box of wine without my permission - you *should* have to pay for shipping and to refund me when I catch you in the act. DON"T DO IT. Avoid these unscrupulous rip-off artists at ALL COSTS!

poor customer service
August 30, 2016
We did the "free trial" and received sample wines. They were terrible (and I'm not a wine snob). I asked to cancel and they sent me a form to follow. I followed the cancellation instructions but now tell me they never received the form. They still have charged my credit card saying they are sending my shipment. I spoke to several customer service reps who were unhelpful, spoke over me, did not listen to my concerns, and were disrespectful to me. They said I could turn the wine shipment away but I would be charged about $35 for the return shipment. I have never encountered such poor customer service with any prior wine club memberships.

They will push wine onto you regardless of what your preferences is
August 15, 2016

I was skeptical. I ordered the tasting kit because they were having a promotion. I tasted it, I rated it. And as soon as I hit save they used my credit card details to order $200 of wine - no confirmation, nothing!

I was not able to cancel my order online so I emailed them - several time - to cancel my order and cancel my membership. They did not answer the phone until 9 AM the following morning.

At 8AM I received an email saying that my order had shipped - I emailed again telling them to cancel the order. They emailed back saying that it was written in their membership policy (buried deep within the technical jargon) that quarterly orders would automatically be made. I told them to cancel my membership again. They didn't. Instead, they told me to call them.

They didn't answer the phone. Finally I found a link to cancel the membership in one of the emails. They did NOT cancel the order and charged my credit card as nothing had happened between them pushing their order onto me and the moment when they charged my card.

Unprofessional, unfriendly and their wine selections - not that great.

I am thoroughly disappointed at tasting room and lot18.

Stay away
March 22, 2016
Same experience as others. After two attempts to cancel the "subscription" and orders of generic plonk, there is little good to offer about this "service". Order wine directly from reputable vineyards and wine shops.

Awful Service. Awful Wine
March 7, 2016
I tried it out based on a friend's referral. Then sent "sample bottles" and then sent regular bottles before I could sample. The wine they sent was awful. So I tried to "cancel my membership" by emailing according to the site. I got nothing back, so I thought I was cancelled. WRONG. They just sent me another shipment. no receipt in the box, but more bad wine and lots of marketing stuff from other companies. I called this time and they said that I had to find the email they sent back to "confirm" my cancellation. I opened that up - it had FOUR links - how do you know where to go? then I thought I "cancelled" but the "membership" page says "unsubscribe"? use the same verbiage will you? be consistent. try to provide "customers/members" with a good experience. this was not! don't do it!!!!

Stay away- this company is a scam
March 1, 2016
I ordered the wine sample pack and hoped I'd be sent wines that matched the palate quiz I took, but none of them even came close. I didn't like any of the wines I sent, and felt that my flavor preferences hadn't even been taken into consideration, like the shipper had just picked whatever random bottles were closest and thrown them in a box. I sent them an email expressing my hesitation to continue buying from them because of not only that, but also because it would cost $20 to ship the wine. I never got a response back. I got a ton of marketing and advertisement emails from them, and I did everything I could to cancel my membership, since they had time to send me marketing emails but not respond to my concerns. Then I got an email informing me I'd been charged $169 for a shipment I never received a warning for, so I never had a chance to cancel it. I sent another email asking for my money back but was told that there was nothing they could do for me other than tell me to refuse the shipment, and I'd still be charged a $15 restocking fee. The shipment took three weeks to arrive, because they didn't even get my address right. I called back to try getting a full refund one more time, and the man I talked to was extremely rude to me and took my frustration personally. He informed me that I'd also be out the $20 in shipping and that all he could do would be to put credit money into my account and give me various discounts for future orders, but I explained to him that I'd never had anything but negative experiences with this company and that I never wanted to hear from them again. This company is a scam, their wines and customer service are terrible, and you should stay away from it. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

Shady practices
February 27, 2016
I ordered one shipment and decided it wasn't for me. They provide no option for deactivating your account through the web page. I sent an E-mail asking to be unsubscribed. Instead of unsubscribing me, they sent an E-mail telling me to now call a phone number that is only available during business hours when I'm at work. I did this through a web site instead of a brick and mortar store explicitly to avoid this kind of "business hours only" nonsense. My E-mail filter tagged that message as junk mail, so the next time I heard from them was a couple weeks later when they were charging me $160 for another shipment that I didn't want. They are knowingly charging people for unwanted orders.

February 15, 2016
My husband ordered the $9 sample bottles. Then they automatically signed him up for the club. Then they sent him a $169 package of wines. He got an email in the morning saying an order was placed at 4:30 am. He called right away saying he didn't order it. They told him it was too late & if he doesn't want it, when they come deliver it to refuse to sign for it. It has to be signed for by an adult because it's alcohol. Well they showed up while my husband was home, did not ring the doorbell, so he didn't even know they came & left it on our door. The "sign for" was scratched out & a sticker was placed where it explicitly says that it must be signed by an adult. We now have to pay a restocking fee & will not get refunded for the shipping. DO NOT ORDER FROM TASTINGROOM.COM!

February 8, 2016

They ship without your consent and before you are able to rate the wines (crappy wines I will add) they send.You might think this service is neat until you don't have a chance to even try out the samplers. They will automatically send you a shipment even if you call them in enough time to suspend/cancel the shipment. I called the day I was billed and asked if it had shipped. It had not shipped. They could not provide tracking yet. It was two days later I get the email indicating it shipped when I had expressly indicated I did not want the order. So I did not accept the order. Now I am out shipping and handling and a lousy restocking fee on top. This service is bunk and has the worst customer service of any company I have dealt with in my life. The person I spoke to was polite but useless as my order was never cancelled, it shipped, I returned it, and they stuck me with fees on top of fees. If you don't mind some algorithm picking your wines for you based on the inventory they need to move the most then this might be ok for you. If you are someone that wants to actually rate a wine and have the best selection sent then this service is not for you as they won't wait on your selection. They will just ship out what ever is in the inventory and who cares if you are not expecting the billing or shipment. It is automated. Too bad you didn't try our sampler kit sooner.

And forget asking to speak with a manager about their lousy practices. That person with that title isn't going to do anything about their poor customer service. So call and try to cancel an order that has not shipped. They only want to bill you or charge you the restocking fee. They don't have any concern for your actual tastes. Tastingroom.com my ass!!!

Julia February 15, 2016

My husband ordered the $9 sample bottles. Then they automatically signed him up for the club. Then they sent him a $169 package of wines. He got an email in the morning saying an order was placed at 4:30 am. He called right away saying he didn't order it. They told him it was too late & if he doesn't want it, when they come deliver it to refuse to sign for it. It has to be signed for by an adult because it's alcohol. Well they showed up while my husband was home, did not ring the doorbell, so he didn't even know they came & left it on our door. The "sign for" was scratched out & a sticker was placed where it explicitly says that it must be signed by an adult. We now have to pay a restocking fee & will not get refunded for the shipping. DO NOT ORDER FROM TASTINGROOM.COM!

Poor quality wine and extremely difficult to quit
February 4, 2016

I read an intriguing article about Tasting Room and decided to give it a try. The kit with 6 tiny bottles (disappointingly tiny) arrived, and we went through the online tasting procedure. None of the wines were of a quality we generally expect of good wine, so I immediately sent an email canceling the membership (1/30/16). My credit card was charged for a second shipment on 1/31/16, and I received an email on 1/31/16 stating that I had ordered another shipment. I sent an email again stating that I had cancelled. The shipment was not picked up by the shipping company until 2/3/16, which had given Tasting Room plenty of time to process my cancelation.

The shipment arrived, and I refused delivery, so it is being sent back to Tasting Room. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company, and I have a copy of my 1/30/16 cancelation email.

Despite being a good concept, Tasting Room will be short lived based on the reviews I have read here.

Total Scam
January 25, 2016

Got a tasting kit for a little more than $6 which were all pretty terrible. But the bad part was that, somehow, I got enrolled in a membership to get 12 bottles of wine for $ 160!!!

The process to cancel the membership is opaque: you have to send an e-mail or call to get another link were you can actually cancel. Couldn't get my credit card info out of that site yet...

Jerry February 02, 2016

Agree with Fernando. This is a total scam. My experience is exactly the same. Cancellation process impossible to to navigate. Wines are not of any quality. Refused shipment but was charged for shipment and restocking fee.

This is not a company to deal with.

Legit company. Did not enjoy the wine taste.
December 31, 2015

I tried the tasting kit back in 2014. The boxing was very well-done. It looked quite lovely. However, looks are deceiving.

What should've been a lovely selection (2 white, 4 red) from 2012 were some of the worst earthy and barnyard wines I've had. The reds were too flabby, and whites had too much minerality and were too astringent. I've enjoyed better bottle-capped wines.

Fortunately, it was just a tasting test and a cheap $9 lesson. Who knows. Some people might actually like these selection, but I'll stick with my local grocery store selection.

On the positive side, it was not hard to cancel the membership, and I wasn't charged any restocking fee. Overall, except for the wine taste, it wasn't a bad experience.

Should be poured back into the donkey
October 27, 2015
Received six tasting bottles of wine that I would have sent back on a plane! From this admittedly limited experience I'm left with the feeling that there is a strong element of "scam" in this company's business model.

September 2, 2015

They advertise a fairly priced tasting kit to help determine the wines you like, with the option of buying more overpriced bottles through their sleek online store. However, AS SOON AS YOU ORDER THE TASTING KIT you are enrolled in a WINE SUBSCRIPTION that will automatically charge your card over $150 for overpriced wine plus shipping every month. If you call and try to cancel the order, they'll charge a $30 restocking fee.

Just, stay away.

Aristo September 25, 2015

James, you did not look at your web profile? You can modify shipment frequency (any time) from every month to three months. Select your quantity from 12, 6 or 2 bottles and an personalize the selection of wine combinations: all red, all white or a 4/2 ratio of red/white.

It is as simple as logging in which YOU DID because you completed the taste test to build and ship your first order.

Jimbo, please slow down and think before you click!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it." <[;^D ''

Tao Rufe February 08, 2016

Aristo sounds like a company paid jerk.