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About TaskPays

Your opinion is valuable. You likely already know that - but did you know that there are many companies that will actually pay you for it?

Do you enjoy watching advertisements, and learning about companies and the products they have created? Do you ever complete a customer survey, and wish there was a way for you to do them and get paid for your opinions? If so, Taskpays might be the answer for you.

What is it?

Taskpays is a site created to reward consumers with their favorite cryptocurrencies for doing tasks like taking surveys and watching videos for companies who partner with Taskpays. Taskpays is based in Lithuania and started in 2017 when they created one of the world’s first global micro-task marketplace supported by blockchain technology.

Get rewarded instantly for every interaction, and learn about interesting products on the market while you do it, or support your favorite brands by watching their content. Additionally, for every friend you refer, you also can make more money.

How Does it Work?

On Taskpays.com, you can watch videos, complete surveys, or a variety of other tasks to be paid. Currently the platform exists in several countries, though there’s not a representative yet in the United States. By watching videos and interacting with other content from advertisers, you are learning more about up and coming brands while providing an audience and feedback for these companies.

Once you create an account, when you log into Taskpays.com you will find a list of tasks to complete. You can then choose any of the available tasks to complete them, and the funds will be instantly credited to your Earnings balance. You can withdraw dollars every Monday and Friday, as long as you have at least $15 accumulated.

You may also take part in the referral program where you can make extra income by driving traffic to the Taskpays platform by inviting friends. You are paid in the payment method of your choice, and you can select between the crypto Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Coins.Ph.

In addition to the website, there is also an app for Android, and one on the way for IOS. The Taskpays web platform is also mobile friendly and responsive, so you can just as easily complete all your tasks on your phone as on your computer.

Cost and Price Plans

There is a 14-day free trial available to new users, after which you have to upgrade to a premium account. Each premium account lasts for a full year.

The premium accounts have a low annual fee starting at 48 dollars for a TP Lite account. With this TP Lite Account, you are given 10 tasks daily to complete, and earn 20 cents per task, so on average you’d earn sixty dollars per month – quickly making up your annual fee.

There are seven total levels of accounts (not counting the free trial account), and while the TP lite is the least expensive investment, it’s also the least rewarding.

The most advanced account is TP Elite, and has an annual fee of $1,990 – a steep entry fee, but you have the potential to earn nearly $3,000 monthly. There is a whole range of options between the TP Lite and TP Elite, so you can choose the right option for you. If you switch between account types (for example, upgrade to the next level up), you just pay the difference between the two levels.

Customer Service

There seems to be limited but still useful customer service for taskers who need assistance. There is a very helpful FAQ section that outlines many common questions and a lot of information about each level of membership. This FAQ section explains in depth how to withdraw using different cryptocurrencies with detailed number instructions.

While there isn’t a customer service phone number listed, there is a chat feature for live questions, which promises a sub 2 hour response time. You can also email [email protected] for additional questions.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

On TrustPilot there are nearly 350 reviews, and 82% are 5 star reviews. Because Taskpays is a global company, there are many reviews in other languages than English and some with more broken English. That said, these reviews are glowing as they describe the way this site has helped them gain financial freedom and freelance through Taskpays on their own time.

However, some of the reviews do claim it is difficult to withdraw your earnings. There are claims that the withdrawals take a long time, or don’t ever process. While these reviews do not seem to be the standard experience, it can be hard to make the initial investment of a premium account if you are not sure about the ease of withdrawal.

Is Taskpays Legit?

The question at the end of the day remains – is Taskpays real or fake? The entry fee adds up quickly, and it can be intimidating to invest in something if you are not sure of the benefits, or if it is a legitimate platform.

Ultimately, with everything on the Internet that seems a little bit too good to be true, the recommendation is to always proceed with caution. That said, there are many good reviews of Taskpays from taskers around the world who have used this platform to make a lot of money in cryptocurrency.

There are also proofs of payment available on the Taskpays site – you can see all the recent payouts, and there are dozens of pages of payout records, and even the first 10 pages are all from the past two days alone. The proof of payment is a great indicator of actual receipts from withdrawals.

Is It Worth It?

Again, the key with everything on the internet is to proceed with caution. If you want to give it a try, use the 14-day free trial for Taskpays and then make a decision. If you decide to upgrade your membership, we would recommend starting with the TP Lite account and you can always upgrade again if you decide it’s a good fit. Ultimately, it could be a great way to freelance and make money watching videos and filling out surveys for companies.

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1 ‘TaskPays’ Review
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Taskpay Scam: Pay first before you get paid your own money???

March 10, 2021

I tried this websites but the problem is you need to upgrade your account first ummhhh...

What if the one using this websites doesn't have any money to invest, how can they start...For me this website (taskpay.com) is a scam they closed my account after 15 days. I have earned 550 plus in my account I really want to try this but the problem is you need to reach 750 minimum... and you need to upgrade the account.....pls feel free to message me...

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March 16, 2021

They also say you can withdraw your earnings even while you are on a 14 day trial account. The minimum payout is $15. The $15 is unachievable on that 14 day period. So a big scam.

March 16, 2021

As you said you have earned 550 plus in your 14 day or 15 day trial period. So 15 dollars is unachievable on a trial period. And they said you can cash out even if you are on a trial period.

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