Target Focus Training Reviews

Target Focus Training is a self defense training program from creator Tim Larkin that is described as "the most devastatingly powerful, scientifically proven self defense system in the world."

How Does it Work?

According to their website,, this self defense program lets you stop any attacker dead in his tracks by inflicting crippling pain to easily damaged body parts using simple movements you can do even if you are not athletic, or are small or out of shape.

The creator of the Target Focus Training program, Tim Larkin, says that for almost 20 years he has been well known in the self defense and close combat industry, having worked with and trained many different government and military agencies including the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, and the US Border Patrol.

Larkin says that his system is the only one available that covers all bases of self defense for maximum effectiveness, from self awareness to instinctive responses to situations all the way to what to do in unexpected life-or-death situations, including how to kill your attacker if that's what it comes to.

He also goes on to say that his program is not based on martial arts training, or a system of "kicking and punching." Instead, he said the basis of his training uses the strongest part of you body - the brain.

This is because the best self defense program requires you to know what to do as well as the will that you need to do it, and both of those issues are handled by your brain. 

Cost & Price Plans

Customers who are interested in this program have a wide variety of products to choose from, including the popular Survival Pack DVD training course, which is priced at $97. Other DVD training packs range in price from $197 to over $500, but all of the more expensive programs can be broken down and paid for in increments.

People who are interested in learning more but may not be ready for a DVD training system can purchase some of his books and other beginner materials, while people who have complaints or issues with standard DVD courses can actually sign up for a 2 day, in person boot camp training session, which can run about $1997 a person.

If you have any experience with the Target Focus Training system, please leave your reviews below.

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Target Focus Training Customer Reviews

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Excellent self defense training for serious situations
January 2, 2022

I took a TFT weekend course in Las Vegas with Tim Larkin and his instructors just before Covid. I would highly recommend this course but the things you learn come with a lot of responsibility. You are not learning some fancy martial art techniques to make you look cool. You will learn serious self defense techniques that might someday save your life or a family member but that would in seconds inflict serious damage or maybe even death on your attacker or attackers.

Tim and his excellent instructors will advise you to do everything in your power to never need to use what you will be trained to do. But, if you have to defend yourself or a family member from serious bodily injury or death, I believe this training will work, fast.

By the way, in the class you will be going through two to three days of simulated striking, learning to cause damage to your attacker from any angle, focusing on targeted body parts. For a few seconds you will be the attacker and then the victim. You don’t need to be a super athlete (I took the training at 65), but you will constantly go from standing to lying down for days. If you can’t do that, you probably shouldn’t do the regular weekend course.

But if you are able to get up and down for hours, you should be able to do course and not worry if you’re not a perfect physical specimen (there was only one such person in my class, not including the instructors). I highly recommend the training and believe that even at 67 I could now defend myself from multiple attackers if needed. There were some father daughter combinations in my class and I think that is good. I’d think twice about sending a young teenage male with lots of testosterone for this training who might not have the judgment to avoid a fight, to walk away.

This is serious training and the damage it will train you to do to another person should not be taken lightly or used unless you are defending someone (maybe yourself) from serious injury or death. If you can’t control your temper or need to show your toughness, don’t take this training.

The course is learning where to strike, quickly. Each strike will give you a second or two where your attacker’s body automatically reacts in a predictable way you will be trained to expect. In that second, you move to your next target on your attacker’s body, causing both damage and involuntary response in your attacker that you know will follow your attack. For that second or so your attacker will be unable to strike at you and, you continue your attacks until he or she is subdued or you can retreat safely.

While strength and agility would certainly help anyone being attacked, this training requires neither and the training will work regardless. Well worth the investment. I am very glad I took Tim’s training.