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Tally Debt Management App
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About Tally Debt Management App

Tally offers the world’s first automated debt manager using the tally debt management app that makes it simple and easy to save money. With a line of credit, they manage payments on your behalf enabling you to pay down your balances and organize your credit cards.

You can manage your cards, pay down balances faster and stay on top of your credit cards by simply scanning your cards. You can also unlock your savings and maximize your money. Just use your credit cards and receive rewards.

All you need to do is add your cards which will be analyzed along with your credit history (without affecting your credit score). Once you’re approved and accept a line of credit with Tally, they handle everything from there onwards.


Credit Card Manager 


The Credit card manager allows you to pay all your credit cards in one place for ease of work and so that you can be better off financially. It also has lower interest rates and no late fees saving you money.

Multiple payments can be made using the app making the payment process easy as well as the tracking of multiple payments simpler. Whether you are using a bank, store credit card or both, all your information such as your important financial details is secure and tracked.

Track all your financial information to ensure that it’s always up to date by checking account numbers, routing numbers and the card numbers on all the credit cards you’ve registered with Tally.

Your current personal information which includes your email address, mailing address and phone number associated with your Tally account is also kept in the Tally database. Enjoy the benefit of having a credit card by making just one monthly payment.

Debt Manager

The Tally Advisor automates your debt and reduces the stress caused by debts. It enables you to manage your credit cards and pay down your debt faster. The automated debt manager Tally Advisor monitors your balances, interest rates, and payment due dates, and then provides you with a monthly personalized payment recommendation helping you to pay all your debts faster.

With the monthly payment recommendation changes which rely on your spending habits and the timeline you choose you can easily choose when you want to be free from credit card debt.

You can set new payment goals every month, enabling you to contribute more money towards your payments and grow your timeline till you are debt free. By adjusting your payment goals, you will notice the difference made within a month.

Late fee protection services

Once you pay Tally, the company makes sure that you never miss any credit card payment. In case the company makes the minimum payment on your behalf, you’ll have to pay them back that amount, but with an accrued interest by your next Tally due date. Then you will never pay another late fee and thus won’t accumulate late fees on your accounts.

Tally will track your due dates and provide late fee protection to every customer. Since all the credit cards you register with Tally are automatically enrolled in their late fee protection, this saves money because there will be no cost for late fees.

Every month, Tally checks each of your credit card accounts to ensure that you’ve satisfied your minimum payment amounts. Just in case you haven’t made a payment, they make the minimum payment on your behalf using your Tally line of credit.

If by any chance you use your entire Tally line of credit in one month, Tally will advance you the money to pay at least the minimum amount due on each of your credit cards. But this is only applicable as long as your account is in good standing. They won’t charge you an over-limit fee, either, and your advance will be included in your next monthly payment to Tally.

Line of credit

You will get your own line of credit with Tally and save by paying off credit card debt. Tally will use your Tally line of credit to pay off your balances every month and all you have to do is to make one monthly payment to the company. Another extra advantage is that it’s a free accounting app that is free to download.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is download the free Tally app and answer a few questions. The questions help to determine if this is ideal for you.

After downloading Tally and scanning the credit cards, they analyze your credit profile to determine if they can offer you a Tally line of credit with a lower APR than you’re currently paying that helps you save money.

Cost and Price Plans

Costs depend on your credit history, your APR (which is the same as your interest rate) and will be between 7.9% - 19.9% per year. But they will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate though Tally makes money by charging interest on the amount you borrow from them.

Tally has no hidden fees like an annual fee, origination fee, prepayment fee, balance transfer fee, late fee or over-limit fee.

Customer Service

You can call the Tally Customer Support at (866) 50-TALLY, email them directly through [email protected] or reach them through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Tally offers an easy way out for most of their customers, especially on matters to do with credit card debt management. They have an impeccable customer support system that works towards ensuring that all their customers’ achievements are attained.

Competitors and Alternatives

Get similar services from other accounting apps such as Qoins App. They all make it easier to check your credit and save you money.

Where to Buy?

Buy the Tally services through the official Tally account app.


If you are looking for an accounting app that will serve you all the way along with the best support, then consider Tally. Have your debt consolidation done and pay down debt without worrying all the time. While Tally does the hard work, you get to handle your payments, no matter how many cards you have and keep track of them all.

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