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Flabs 2 Abs
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Flabs 2 Abs is a new weight loss program which says they have found the best and most effective weight loss and fat burning secrets that are guaranteed to help anyone lose weight within just
Truth About Cellulite
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The Truth About Cellulite is a new fitness program from Joey Atlas, who says that his program cuts through the hype and false claims of most other cellulite targeted products and instead giv
Kris Fondran's Shapeshifter Yoga is a new weight loss and health program which describes themselves as a "breakthrough program" that helps people go from "flab to fab"
Zero to Hero Fitness
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Zero to Hero Fitness is a company and website who says their goal is to help people lose weight and keep it off, using their information, products, and methods which are designed to be as si
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TrainBSX.com is the online home of TrainBSX, a website and organization that works hard to help athletes in training excel through the use of technology and remote coaching options, if they
21 Day Fix
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The 21 Day Fix is a new workout program and weight loss plan available from fitness company Beachbody that promises users "Simple Fitness, Simple Eating, Fast Results" in just thre
Body Beast
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The Body Beast is a new workout program and muscle building plan available from fitness company Beachbody that promises both men and women a way to transform their bodies in just 90 days.&nb
6 Minutes to Skinny
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6 Minutes to Skinny is a new workout and diet program that says they can teach people how to begin burning fat and losing weight with just a simple, six minute routine each morning, which is
7 Day Abs
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The 7 Day Abs program, available online at 7DayAbs.com, is a new workout and weight loss program that promises to help its users burn off stubborn belly fat in only seven days, and provide t
Action Hero Muscle
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Action Hero Muscle, found online at ActionHeroMuscle.com, is a new workout program designed to help people not only burn fat and build muscle, but to do it in such a way that they get the mo

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