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Ab Circle Pro
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AbCircleProTV.com is a website selling the Ab Circle Pro System, a workout machine targeting your abs. Purchase of the system also includes gifts of the Slim Down DVD and a 30 Minute fat
The Flex Belt
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The 1st ab belt toning system approved thru the FDA is the Flex Belt. The belt is used to firm and strengthen all of the muscles in your stomach at the same time. It is essentially a medi
Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer is a new workout program from Beachbody, a well known personal fitness company, which promises that it can give anyone quality workout results in jus
1285 Muscle Extreme
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1285 Muscle Extreme is a new nutritional supplement which claims to be a scientifically advanced “pre-workout pill” which will help users have more effective workouts and shor
C9-T11 2.0
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C9-T11 2.0 is an all natural supplement which says that it can promote fat loss, muscle gain, workout performance, and give their users all of these results and more within just 28 days of u
Ripped Muscle Xtreme
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Ripped Muscle Xtreme, found online at RippedMuscleX.com, says that it has been specifically designed and created for men who want ripped, muscular bodies as quickly as possible. Accor
The High Performance Handbook
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The High Performance Handbook is a workout manual created by Eric Cressey, who says that his manual can help anyone create their own customized workout routine to fit their needs at home.
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Ellie.com is a website that is both a members' only boutique as well as a place where women who are not members can go to find modern, high quality, and fashionable work out clothes.
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Fabletics.com is a website co-owned and operated by actress Kate Hudson that promises to provide members each month with a selection of workout outfits selected just for them based on their
Butterfly Abs
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Butterly Abs, found online at ButterflyAbs.com, is a new FDA approved product that claims to firm, strengthen, and tone your abdominal muscles using just electronic muscle stimulation. Th

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