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Max Workouts
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Max Workouts, from creator Shin Ohtake, is a high intensity workout system that claims to be able to get users lean and ripped in just a 90 day program of workouts that only last 30 minutes
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TruthAboutAbs.com is a new website which offers its users downloadable ebooks about fitness and nutrition, and what they refer to as the “truth” about getting flat abs. Th
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By joining SparkPeople’s online program and community you will have all of the resources necessary to lose weight and while learning how to lead an overall healthy life. They promot
Trim Down Club
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Trim Down Club (www.TrimDownClub.com) was established by professional, certified nutritionists and dietitians from San Francisco, California in 2012, as a place anyone can come to get the ne
Jonny Bowden
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Jonny Bowden, also known as The Rogue Nutritionist, describes himself as a "nationally known nutritionist on weight loss, nutrition, and health, as well as the author of 14 books, frequ
Joel Marion
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Joel Marion is the founder of JoelMarion.com, and a "web based fitness coach" who claims to help thousands of individuals change the way they eat, exercise, look, and feel. Acco
Noom Weight Loss App
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Noom Weight Loss App is a new mobile application from company Noom, who says their mission is to create products that help people live healthier lives and hopefully give you the tools you ne
Fast Metabolism Diet
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The Fast Metabolism Diet is available from Haylie Pomroy, a "registered wellness consultant," who says that food is "not the enemy but rather the medicine" we need to rev
Brenda Watson
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Brenda Watson is the digestive care expert and author of well known health and diet books like The Skinny Gut Diet who says that she can teach people how to "achieve vibrant, lasting he
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DNAFit, found online at FitnessGenes.com, wants to give people an understanding of their own genetic makeup and how it can help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.  How D