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Nine Dresses
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I ordered a dress and it was awful. Wrong color, cheap sequins, poor sewing, awful thin cheap fabric......I just couldn't believe how bad it was, so immediately, I sent an email and wit
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JenJenHouse.com is a website that is dedicated to being one of the online leaders of customized dress ordering, from their wide selection of wedding dresses to special occasion dresses an
Blue Nile
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Blue Nile is the leading source of online diamond sales, offering quality, selection and value to their customers. They have over 60,000 diamonds and over 100’s of settings to choos
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JJsHouse.com is a website which describes their goal as being an online leader of customized dress ordering which concentrates in dresses for special occasions such as prom dresses, weddi
Light in the Box
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Light in the Box, found online at LightInTheBox.com, is a company which describes itself as a global online retailer that delivers products directly to their consumers in multiple countri
Based on 5 Reviews

TBDress.com is the online home of TBDress, a company that says they work hard to provide quality clothing and accessories items, available for both wholesale and individual purchase. Thei
Based on 6 Reviews

Wedding.com is a website that says they offer users a "new way to plan your wedding" providing them with a one stop shop that allows them to find and connect with vendors and manag
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DresSale.com is the online home of DresSale, a company that says their goal is to give their customers the ability to buy high quality goods for low prices while enjoying the latest fashions
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TideBuy.com is the online home of TideBuy, a company that says they are an e-commerce pioneer providing more than 10 million products from their factory which are available to purchase in mo
Based on 2 Reviews

WeddingWire, found at WeddingWire.com, is a website that was launched in 2007 and says they have grown to be the largest and most trusted online marketplace dedicated to connecting merchants

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