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Love the designs, not sure what the other reviewers are talking about
DreamzTech Solutions
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DreamzTech Solutions are nasty people. They don't have the skills to complete jobs and they will steal your Project and sell your source codes to other clients. I paid them over $4000 U
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Web.com is a website design service that claims to provide their users with a custom built website for free, with no setup fee and no long-term commitment. According to their website,
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SquareSpace is a hosting program for individuals who want to create a truly personalized website, blog, gallery or portfolio. It is especially useful for public and business blogs, bloggers,
Newtek Business Solutions, located online at NewTekOne.com, is a company which promises to offer custom and personalized solutions to help small and medium businesses function at their best
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Wix.com offers a website building hosting platform unlike any other. With their advanced tools and HTML5 drag and drop capabilities, its unstructured layout enables you to create a highly
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Storyform, found online at Storyform.co, says they can give anyone the ability to create beautiful stories on their website using their wide variety of templates and features. How Does I
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CyberChimps.com is the online home of CyberChimps, a company that promises their customers everything they need to easily and fully customize a website for your small business or blog. 
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WebEngage.com is a new website and company that offers their customers a way to integrate customer engagement tools into your website so that you can gather valuable customer feedback. 
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SlideModel, found online at SlideModel.com, is company that says they are dedicated to helping businesses, education organizations, and individuals to create professional presentation decks