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Love the designs, not sure what the other reviewers are talking about
DreamzTech Solutions
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DreamzTech Solutions are nasty people. They don't have the skills to complete jobs and they will steal your Project and sell your source codes to other clients. I paid them over $4000 U
Ultimate Pet Websites
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Ultimate Pet Websites is run by the same DBA as Amazing Pet Expos....and the website customers don't get treated any better than the expo customers! Oh yeah, everything is fine until YO
Discover Excellence
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Discover Excellence, equipped with the worst web designers and PHP/MySQL developers, seems to me worst website design and Development Company in the industry. Their every work on wordpress d
WebStar Corp
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Happy with everything you guys did for me! Good luck with the new office, I appreciate everything. For those that are wondering if they are the company for you... they are! Awesome service
Reverse Media Group
Based on 3 Reviews

Reverse Media Limited was incorporated on 12 January 2012 (Source = UK Companies House No. 07907809). How credible are those 2011 testimonials????
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Moonfruit is a web hosting company that has specifically designed their services to help artisans, servicers, retailers, and entrepreneurs alike. They deliver an easy method for smaller c
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I am gladly writing this note to express my satisfaction and appreciation with Ria Enjolie. The web(master) promised a time schedule and met that schedule every step of the way. In additio
Web Skitters
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Having worked with many development companies over the last number of years and with considerable experience in IT development I presented Webskitters with a mobile upgrade project. The proj
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Web.com is a website design service that claims to provide their users with a custom built website for free, with no setup fee and no long-term commitment. According to their website,

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