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The LifeStraw, found online at LifeStraw.com, is a company and a product that is dedicated to making contaminated water safe to drink by providing high quality, mobile water filter. 
Turapur Pitcher
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The Turapür Pitcher, found online at Research.LFB.org, is new water filtration pitcher that likes to describe itself as “a fountain of youth” for the antioxidant benefits it
Enagic Kangen Water
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Enagic.com is the online home of Enagic Kangen Water, a Japan based company which calls themselves the leading manufacturer of specialized high quality water ionizer systems. How Does It
Ecomo Smart Bottle
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The Ecomo Smart Bottle, found online at Indiegogo.com, is a new crowdfunded product which promises to help people test their water for contaminants and then filter it to ensure its good qual
ZeroWater Filter
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ZeroWater Filter, found online at ZeroWater.com, is a new water filtration product line for your home and office that promises customers they are not your ordinary water filtration system.&n
DYLN Living Water Bottle
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The DYLN Living Water Bottle, found online at DYLN.co, is a new portable water bottle which provides a built in alkaline filter to provide people with a healthful option while reducing plast
WaterChef Premium Water Filtration, found online at WaterChef.com, is a company that says that they choose or manufacture all of their items because they care about their customers and their
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NuvoH2O was founded in 2009 in Kaysville, UT, USA. It produces water conditioning systems that convert hard water into soft water, without using salt and electricity. This is important becau
Clatterans Water Filters
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Just received my order, same exact Chinese manufactured filter they sell on Ebay just with a different sticker, same color same everything,,just changed the wrapper. Contacted them and they
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If you rely on the tap water in your home to stay hydrated, you might be wondering how you can make that water safer and better-tasting. Investing in a water filter is a good idea, but unfor

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