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Magic Jack Plus
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Magic Jack Plus, found online at MagicJack.com, claims to have sold over 10 million units which gives people affordable phone service both at home and when traveling. This phone servi
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RingCentral, found online at RingCentral.com, is a company which provides VoIP technology in order to help consumers simplify their lives and their businesses by giving them a phone system t
Ooma Internet Phone
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Ooma Internet Phone service, found online at Ooma.com, says that their “revolutionary device” will free you from your expensive home phone bills without sacrificing any qualit
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Nextiva calls themselves the “#1 Business VoIP Phone Service Provider” with a goal of simplifying business communication by making fax services as simple as sending an email.
Basic Talk
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BasicTalk is new type of telephone service which uses your current high speed internet connection to provide customers with an affordable home phone service that is easier and cheaper tha
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Vonage is perhaps the best known provider of VoIP services in the United States because they were one of the first well established companies to provide these services and to promote them
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Viber.com is the online home of Viber, a mobile application that allows its users to communicate through talk, text, and photo messaging with other Viber users all over the world complete fo
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VOIPo.com is a provider of VoIP telephone services for residential clients who are looking an alternative to traditional landline phone service that is both more affordable and higher qua
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Phone.com is a company which gives their customers access to VoIP technology as well as a fully functioning communications platform to help both homes and businesses simplify their lives.
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Join.me is a website which offers businesses, startups, and organizations of all kinds the ability to have an affordable, high quality alternative to physical meetings or other, frustrating