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Don't waste your money.
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I paid $9.95 for a full report. This was a motorcycle I pitched used with 14,000 miles on it and traded it in damage to the tune of $9,700 paid to the sealed by my insurance company. Addit
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AutoCheck.com is Experian’s leading vehicle reporting service, providing consumers with comprehensive vehicle history reports which allow them to make informed decisions when purcha
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A MD reporting agency would never be based in California, or Utah as indicated on the payment list. And WHY would MVA want to bill you over $100 for a report plus several monthly payments i
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Buying a new car is different than buying a used car because when you buy a new car you have the reassurance of knowing that the car doesn’t have a past. Although buying a used car
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Rates F by the BBB... need I say more. http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/auto-service-contract-companies/vehiclehistorylookupcom-in-denver-co-90146943
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when you are completing the information to get your report you are given 5 minutes to complete the process (probably so you don’t take in any details about the monthly subscription, or how
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This is TRICKERY. This is a SCAM. The links all say $1.00 for the Report, but they charged me $18.95 (I immediately got a text Alert from CITI). I called the 855-703-0273 number, and she sai
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I was told I subscribed to $14.95 per month plan, which I did not. They illegally charged my credit card. Their customer service is a joke, also there responses here are a joke. I can't
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Carchex.com is a website which promises that their goal is to provide “Customer Experience Above All” with their consumer advocate services for those who are in the process of

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