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eVoice.com is a telecommunications service using a virtual phone number to receive and make calls. With their platform you may route business calls to any location: there is no hardware to i
Consumer Cellular
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Consumer Cellular describes themselves as a nationwide provider of cell phones and services whose goal is to make the benefits of cellular phone usage easier and less expensive for their cus
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Ting.com is the home of Ting, a new mobile service provider that says their goal is improve the mobile service industry by giving people access to service "that makes sense" as opp
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Twilio, found online at Twilio.com, is cloud communications company that offers software developers the platform they need to create and develop applications that require communications feat
Utility Warehouse
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Utility Warehouse, found online at UW.co.uk, is a company in the United Kingdom that offers a unique approach to making your monthly utilities cheaper, as well as an independent business opp
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ACN Inc, founded in 1993, is a telecommunications firm out of North Carolina that offers a variety of products.  The company offers such services as long distance and local phone plans,
Frontier Communications
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Frontier Com. will promise you cheaper prices on the phone-but your bill will be at a higher rate package. They then will say they never had the package you refer to & that they cannot
Mint Mobile
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If you’ve used phone and data plans in the US, you’ll know that they aren’t cheap. Mint mobile is the solution to the more pricey prepaid plans from the big brands. Mint
Unreal Mobile
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Unreal Mobile specializes in various mobile plans that their customers can take advantage of. The company offers a wide range of services – unlimited 2G data, talk, and text. All of th

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