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Using Intuit’s TurboTax software is an efficient means to prepare and file your tax returns. The user interface is easy to use; they also now support e-filing directly through their
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Tax preparation and filing can all be completed with TaxSlayer.com’s online tax services. They offer 3 service options accommodating customers who have simple returns to prepare and
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The stress of tax season and never-ending confusion of how one should prepare their taxes each year can now be tackled with easy to use tax preparation programs. TaxACT.com was created to
H&R Block at Home
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H&R Block at Home is the tax preparation software provided by well known tax advising agency H&R Block, which helps people prepare and file their own tax returns at home, for both
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FreeTaxUSA.com is the online home of FreeTaxUSA, automated software that you can use at home to help you prepare and complete your tax returns, and - according to their website - you can do
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TaxHawk.com is the online home of TaxHawk, a company which makes automated software that people can download to help them prepare your tax returns, including the ability to do your federal t
Liberty Tax Service
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Liberty Tax Service, found online at LibertyTax.com, is a company that says their goal is to provide their customers with both the feeling of a personal tax consultant alongside the security
eSmart Tax
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eSmart Tax, found online at eSmartTax.com, is a new online tax preparation software available from Liberty Tax Service which promises people the biggest possible tax refund, guaranteed. 
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Taxbrain, found online at Taxbrain.com, describes themselves as a powerful online tax preparation service backed by Liberty Tax Service and their network of tax preparers, with more than 4,0
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TaxSimple.com is an online tax preparation software that says they are proud to offer their customers software that is simple, fast, and low cost and can help anyone successfully prepare and

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