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Survival Seeds 4 Patriots
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SurvivalSeeds4Patriots.com, the online home of Survival Seeds 4 Patriots, is a website from Frank Bates which explains why he believes everyone should be prepared for a nationwide food short
Backyard Liberty
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Backyard Liberty is a guide created by Alec Deacon, which is intended to help anyone set up their own aquaponic, sustainable gardening system for the purposes of creating and maintaining lon
Food for Patriots
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Food for Patriots, found online at Food4Patriots.com, is a company which sells survival food kits to people who are looking for nutritious food packs which can withstand long periods of stor
Self Reliance Association
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I signed up on Reboot with Joe - what a mistake - I never received the $7 book and cancelled immediately the $197 seed mailings and 3 months later I cannot get any live person to speak with
Patriot Survival Plan
Based on 15 Reviews

The Patriot Survival Plan from Matt Stevens is a survivalist training and information course which claims that it can teach anyone how to be completely prepared for an economic and societal
My Patriot Supply
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My Patriot Supply is an online store for survival products which was founded in 2008 to help people meet their goals of self sufficiency and emergency preparedness with affordable, quality p
Bulletproof Home Defense
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Bulletproof Home Defense, found online at bulletproofhome.org, is an eBook which claims that it can teach people how to defend their home even if they are strapped for both time and money.
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RE: "Nathan Shepard" and "Survive the End Days". I don't know how this article and video just appeared on one of my more credible sites; but, I'm so glad I did
The Lost Ways
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The Lost Ways, found online at TheLostWays.com, is a new guidebook written by Claude Davis which promises to give people the knowledge and skills they need to survive in case of an extreme c
Survival Frog
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Survival Frog, found online at SurvivalFrog.com, was established in 2009 as a publisher of online information books and has since become the largest and most trusted source for survival and