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Online Trading Academy
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Although I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day orientation classes(solely because I liked the instructor), I still left with a very,very,VERY BAD taste in my mouth with this academy due to how the
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These guys are pretty good because they give updates via twitter about what stock is moving in the general market and the otc markets. I am always on the look-out for their alerts. I Made a
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Plus500 in an online trading platform. It was very easy to start trading, everything is clear and all information is supported by graphs and other visual aids so it is really user friendly.
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There aren't a lot of great resources for shorting stocks online, and when I searched google for ideas and recommendations--I couldn't find much. My friend alerted me to Shortzill
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StockTwits, located at StockTwits.com, calls itself the fastest real time social network specifically for investors and traders, and membership is free. Founded in 2008 by Howard Lind
Bob Brinker
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Bob Brinker is a legendary stock market analyst and financial radio show personality.  He has been trading and advising for over twenty years and has established a large following fo
Larry Williams
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Larry Williams is a well known commodities trader and author with materials dating back to the early eighties. In these past three decades he has written several best sellers and has secu
Michael Parness
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Michael Parness is a stock market trader who has developed some very popular trading courses and products.  He is known as the "rags to riches millionaire" because at one p
Dr. Stephen Cooper
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According to his website, Dr Stephen Cooper is an experienced stock investment trainer and financial author.  Most recently he has lent his services to Robert Allen and Mark Victor H
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VectorVest (www.VectorVest.com) founded by Dr. Bart DiLiddo is a stock analysis and portfolio management system.  The software is capable of  sorting, analyzing, and ranking over 1

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