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Online Trading Academy
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I have been a OTA student for many years. It was one my biggest mistakes in life. I paid $23K in tuition to learn about their "patented core strategy" where one buys on demand and
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Years ago, when I first used this site, I was the victim of abuse from several members. I retaliated with similar abuse, the exact nature of which I don't remember. I shortly received a
Bob Brinker
Based on 62 Reviews

Bob Brinker is a legendary stock market analyst and financial radio show personality.  He has been trading and advising for over twenty years and has established a large following for h
Larry Williams
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Larry Williams is a well known commodities trader and author with materials dating back to the early eighties. In these past three decades he has written several best sellers and has secured
Michael Parness
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Michael Parness is a stock market trader who has developed some very popular trading courses and products.  He is known as the "rags to riches millionaire" because at one poin
Dr. Stephen Cooper
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According to his website, Dr Stephen Cooper is an experienced stock investment trainer and financial author.  Most recently he has lent his services to Robert Allen and Mark Victor H
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VectorVest (www.VectorVest.com) founded by Dr. Bart DiLiddo is a stock analysis and portfolio management system.  The software is capable of  sorting, analyzing, and ranking over 1
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I love this software, it has enabled me to stay home and trade my accounts for 15 years. the beauty is in the simplicity. I use other tools and trading rooms, but the software is a major f
Don Fishback
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Don Fishback is an experienced financial analyst and former stock broker. He has had a long career in the industry conducting trades, research, and training in various markets. These days
George Fontanills
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George A. Fontanills a popular investor, trading educator, and highly sought after guest speaker passed away June 2, 2012. He is most known for his association and leadership role in the Opt